“Some people are wired wrong and, DeAngelo [Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist] is one of them. . . . He truly is an evil monster with no soul.”

Victims (and their relatives) of the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist got to face their tormentor today at a victim impact hearing. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-08-18/golden-state-killer-victims-impact-statements-sentencing. The hearing will continue for two more days and sentencing will be on Friday.

There will be no justice in the OCCK case, no knock on the door of aiders and abettors in the OCCK case or on the doors of still living pedophiles who know. Busch and Greene are long dead, and by now you may understand how this case was manipulated so that no one could ever look too closely at this case after November 20, 1978. Just a lame PR and chaos machine meant that even if any questions were asked, answers will always remain elusive.

There will be no victim impact hearing in the OCCK case. How about an investigation into why Chris Busch got a pass? Start with these men (those who are still alive) and get Richard Thompson from the OCP, every still living person who showed up at the Busch “suicide” scene, every FBI agent and OC deputy sheriff who worked on this case, and all still-living involved cops from Birmingham and Berkley, to raise their right hands? I am not convinced they would tell the truth, but you never know when someone in law enforcement will be charmed to obey an oath.

Task Force Org Chart

It is no small thing. Not only was justice precluded for Mark, Jill, Kris and Tim, because of the way this was “handled” law enforcement could not pull on any possibly related threads because they couldn’t risk any exposure or opening related cans of worms. It meant they wouldn’t go near Fox Island, child porn rings allegedly operating with knowledge of high ups at GM, and that they let the John Hastings lead die on the vine. It is possible money changed hands. And how about accounting for all the taxpayer money spent in this case to cover up a dirty deal?

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  1. Cathy, I’ve been reading posts on your site. First of all, I’m so sorry that your precious eleven year old brother was snatched–so cruelly, so evilly–from his life, and from your’s and your family’s lives. I’m sorry for the willful sabotage, coupled with the fumbling and bungling that has denied you justice for all these long years.
    I stumbled into the OCCK case while investigating the disappearance of a thirteen year old girl in my home city of Nashville Tennessee. My investigation has led me to Winchester Tennessee and to horrors perpetrated on young boys at a facility run by Claudius “Bud” Vermilye.
    Seemingly, this young girl fell into the hands of a child sex ring with connections to Michigan and to the OCCK case. Through years of agonizing research, I have come to realize that, unfortunately, some victims of the the multiple child sex rings operating in Michigan, Tennessee, Louisiana and Texas namely, during the 70s, have stayed within a similar network and have–tragically, horrifically–become victimizers and procurers of child victims in current rings. I will gladly share anything of relevance, i.e., something that you might not already know, that I find pertaining to OCCK if you are interested.

    1. Thank you very much, allthings. “Father” Bud was really evil. His ring and the associated rings were investigated and reported on back in the mid- to late-1970s by Marilyn Wright at the Traverse City Record-Eagle. The big papers in the Detroit area didn’t cover it, probably because of the involvement of Detroit/Ann Arbor “philanthropist” Francis Frank Shelden in this big web and other “upstanding” men in the Detroit area. How horrifying, but at the same time unsuprising, that some of the victims became procurers/victimizers. My email is catherine.broad@yahoo.com. Thanks again.

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