9 thoughts on ““This is a 27-year-old pedophile living within a 5-mile radius of all four victims. He escapes justice. But not only that, nobody ever knew his name.””

  1. They all knew but H. Lee Busch’s money kept them quiet. I never knew that police departments were this corrupt.

  2. I so admire Marney Keenan for what she has done, where no man dared to tread. i want to sing it in the mountain tops. I want to give her an award. I want to praise her to God. It took THIS LONG for someone to tackle this behemoth and she did it. It needs to be the beginning of something. Politicians. New politicians. Are you listening?

  3. Just finished the book – WOW! Marney did a great job! Living in Farmington Hills growing up during this time, I had no clue until I read the book and saw the evidence etc. just how close Busch and the others were to my home. I lived in a subdivision at 13 Mile and Middlebelt, and that gas station/wrecker service station was only 3-4 miles away! Franklin was/is only a few miles in the other direction… Who knows whether Busch or the others were cruising for victims in and/or around where I lived. In any case, I had no idea how screwed up the investigation was…or how corrupt the MSP and the OCP was. Jeez!

    1. Tony, the FBI is dirty in this case, too. SA Mort Nickel worked on i.d.ing the car impressions in the snow at the Mihelich scene. You never heard anything about that. Remember Doug Wilson, who was hypnotized and interrogated by the FBI and they were “very excited” about his information but asked him to keep quiet about it. Based on what Doug told them, cops went to the Hunter Maple Pharmacy parking lot and took samples of the orange plastic from the wall of a building Doug said he saw Tim let his orange skate board fly into. You never heard about Doug’s information in the press.

      SA John Oulette seemed like he worked well with Cory Williams but then he retired and SA Sean Callaghan came on board to gum things up.

      Of course these guys were cruising in your neighborhood, Tony. Using Vince Gunnels and other teen boys as lures. The OCP and MSP are completely dirty in this case. And the “B” police departments are especially dirty here, too–Bloomfield Township, Berkley and Birmingham.

      An investigation is needed by the new OCP and if she can’t handle it, the AG’s Criminal Investigative Division or a federal agency that isn’t tainted. Name, rank and serial number for every dirty cop and prosecutor, and office employees who knew what happened here, living and dead. We know civilians who are dirty in this–a few are protected by attorney-client privilege, except those who breached it (Larry Wasser). They have already demonstrated their vast lying abilities.

  4. My brothers and I have been saying for years that the cover-up(s) in this case are the biggest story. We have been gaslighted since 1978, but especially hard since 2005. It is unconscionable.

    1. Hopefully, now that Cooper is out…and somebody new is coming in that things will change for the better. The community, and the families especially are due a huge apology. It’s time for an admission by the agencies involved to come clean and close the case.

      1. Yes, Tony. Keeping the case “open” all these decades helped only a few people–the Busch family and dirty law enforcement. As foreign as admissions and apologies are to these agencies, it is the only way forward. Almost everyone who was directly involved with this cover-up is dead, and all are certainly retired. They got free passes, promotions, no questions asked and tainted their agencies in so doing. Time is up.

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