Last Saturday, August 22, I went to bed deeply troubled over the information provided by Jane Doe about Bloomfield Township PD Corporal Richard J. McNamee and the month-long failure of law enforcement to at least reach out to, or acknowledge her. I emailed the MSP detective for a third time on August 22, explaining that if I did not get a response, I would begin posting generally about McNamee on Wednesday, August 26th. Little did I know that Marney Keenan would receive the FOIA response from Bloomfield Township PD on Thursday, August 27, and there would be a lot more to say.

I did not sleep well that Saturday night, but I woke up to the following email from a young man who was nearly abducted in Bloomfield Township in 2007. It brought me to tears. This blatant, outrageous abduction attempt took place 30 years after the reign of the OCCK, in a neighborhood anyone would consider “nice.” In early 2007 my Dad and my brother Chris were meeting with MSP Det/Sgt Garry Gray, proposing the two of them go to the media to ask for anyone with information about the OCCK crimes to come forward because it was the 30th anniversary of Tim’s abduction and murder. He blew them off, NO MEDIA, pipe down, shut up, we’ve got this, get lost, go away. By the end of 2007, the horrifying incident outlined in the below email took place in Bloomfield Township.

You need to carefully read this email. It took me more than a few days to respond because I needed a clear head and some time to adequately respond. I responded and asked if the author would allow me to share the email. He agreed.

I forwarded the email to myself and then redacted and edited it for privacy purposes and because I know first-hand how vindictive law enforcement agencies in Michigan are.

The author’s message will not be lost on you and those from Oakland County should read especially carefully. Remember, I received this email three days before I ever posted the words “Bloomfield Township P.D. Corporal Richard J. McNamee.”

Email of August 23, 2020

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