“A lie would make no sense unless the truth was felt to be dangerous.” –Carl Jung

The question in the OCCK investigation is, dangerous to whom?

Page 244 of Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, cuts to the chase:

Some of the most compelling evidence of a cover-up was at the scene of Chris Busch’s suicide, to many observers so apparently staged–the drawing resembling Mark Stebbins taped to the wall, the ropes in the middle of the closet floor, the 12-gauge shotgun shell left conspicuously on the dresser. The officers who arrived at the scene had to have run Busch’s name and discovered he was indeed a suspect, cleared by polygraph, and freed on bond weeks before Tim King’s death.

‘They realized they may have screwed up but didn’t know for sure,’ [Detective Cory] Williams said. ‘They couldn’t tell the families. If they did, it would leak out and they would look like fools for letting him go once he passed the polygraph. The task force was disbanding in a month anyway. They didn’t know for sure that he was the killer, but if he was, they figured at least he’s dead now. So someone high up the chain at the MSP shut down the Busch investigation right then and there. ‘

. . .

[S]omeone within the Michigan State Police made sure the Busch file would be buried. Someone decided the public should never know that the investigation amounted to something worse than a massive failure–it was sabotaged, the most critical evidence deliberately concealed to save face.

Remember this passage from Marney’s book if you watch WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit’s coverage of the OCCK case and her book on Monday and Tuesday evenings (Sept. 7 and 8 at 6 and 11 pm). If you haven’t read the book and you follow this case or care about how laws are enforced in Michigan, start now. You can find this book on Amazon or ask your local book store to carry this title. There is no other way to get a coherent explanation of this investigation.

I will post links to Heather Catallo’s coverage of the release of Marney’s book. In the meantime, maybe check out the Michigan State Police’s launch this past Friday of a Transparency and Accountability webpage. https://www.wxyz.com/news/michigan-state-police-launches-new-transparency-and-accountability-webpage. While clearly designed to address disparate treatment of motorists on the basis of race, this is pretty unprecedented in the MSP culture my family has witnessed.

Transparency and accountability. That’s all we have been asking for. It was denied and the denial was served up with an unbelievable level of hostility and cruelty.

So, yeah, your lies make sense. Stop denying that truth has the power to right wrong and end sorrows. Man up.


Thank you to another reader for these age-advanced comparisons of the “Doug Wilson” composite drawings–the composite drawings from June 1977 that were never released to the public.

The same reader provided colorized versions of the mug shots of Gunnels, Busch and Greene, photos previously only seen in black and white versions.

James Vincent Gunnels–

Greg Greene–

As another reader pointed out, Greene has an obvious “widow’s peak” in his hairline. Compare:

And then there is Chris Busch, who seems to have more mug shots than any other probationer who walked around free.

Chris Busch–