Alpena Witness

Or, if you know much about the background of this case, you could also call him Ignored Witness. Because that nickname could apply to many witnesses in this case, we will stick with “Alpena Witness.” The audio files of an interview of Alpena Witness tell the story better than I ever could. They first four segments of eight are posted below. This interview is timely at this stage, given recent posts.

After the revelations about Bloomfield Township/Village Officer Richard McNamee, convicted pedophile, we are once again focused on the one square mile enclave of Bloomfield Village where Chris Busch lived with his parents and John Hastings lived a stone’s throw away in a home owned by his parents. McNamee lived a three-minute car ride away at 423 S. Cranbrook Cross, Bloomfield Hills. To my knowledge, no one in law enforcement has acted on this recent lead about McNamee or contacted the victim who came forward.

We also visited the conclusions concerning the 2009 polygraph of Chris Busch’s neighbor, John Hastings, in a recent post. We know it was Hastings because, although his name was mostly redacted from the MSP documents, they followed a handwritten title page entitled John Hastings Investigation. No, I am not kidding.

We’ve compared photos to the composite drawing from 1977 that was withheld from the public. 

I think you will find it very helpful at this point to consider the following interview of “Alpena Witness,” who overheard John Hastings speaking to Helen Dagner on December 26, 1991, about the OCCK crimes. Just listen carefully and it will all make sense. My gratitude to Andy Berthiaume who has been working on a podcast series about these crimes for the past few years for sharing the interview. Andy hopes to have the series completed in the next few months. And my thanks to Alpena Witness as well, for revisiting the nightmare he got swept into in his lengthy interview with Andy. I believe the interview took place in early November 2018.

These excerpts total two hours in length and I will post the segments as provided to me. I find them compelling and, under the circumstances, timely. Here are the first four of eight segments:

THANK YOU, AW AND ANDY! The final four segments in the next post.