The previously unreleased composites; the latest betrayal.

THANK YOU to a reader for sending this graphic.

In my mind, the evidence against Chris Busch (and Greg Greene) is very substantial. However, I have never been able to get past the evidence implicating John H., as well as the interesting case of John McKinney (murdered in 1977). Oakland County and the MSP like it this way; so many possibilities but no definitive answers. Too hard–let’s just say this guy, who lived a stone’s throw from Busch (and close to Officer Pederast), was a bullshitting freak who strung a woman along about his possible involvement in these crimes. And McKinney–lots of people wanted him dead. Drop it.

Eyewitness testimony is often unreliable. The composite drawing was drawn in response to witness hypnosis. Does that make it more reliable? Maybe it does. But police liked that Gremlin lead–yes, let’s go with that!!

At the end of the day, what continues to shock me is that the composite drawing of the younger man and the older man were never made public. Why is that?

In June of 1977, this information could have made a big difference. Again, why was it held back?

The information from the mother of one of Tim’s friends, concerning a strange-acting, younger man who crossed paths with her in the back hallway of Hunter-Maple Pharmacy, was never taken seriously and never properly investigated. So many missed opportunities to solve these crimes.

A lot of readers provide assistance–graphics, links to cold cases that have been solved, observations and insights that I could not and cannot see myself. Then there are people like journalist and author Marney Keenan who have provided invaluable information. And there are quite a few others who have done some very heavy lifting in this case behind the scenes.

A reader wrote yesterday: “It would be significant if any of the arresting officers or prosecutors were still around and possibly would speak with you.” It most certainly would. What would truly be significant is if these people would stop lying.

A friend observed that even though we are pushing rocks uphill, some information previously kept hidden has come to light. The McNamee “coincidence” is an example. The information from Marney is another.

The next topic to tackle (future post) is the misinformation concerning cars connected to these crimes. Misinformation that I helped perpetuate. Marney Keenan has been instrumental in explaining the misinformation and lack of information provided concerning cars in this case. If you want the best way to understand the OCCK investigation, you need to read her book, The Snow Killings. There just is no other way to synthesize the information. I really caution you about weighing in on this case until you have read the book. And don’t skim the parts you think you already know about.

The most important aspect of this car topic is that once again the MSP did not come forward with information that could have helped in real time. The question of mis or malfeasance is right in front of your face. I don’t know about you, but the last people I would want making a decision that would impact the rest of my life, are cops and dirty prosecutors. Yet that is what happened here. It makes me want to take a shower just thinking about it.

Now that information previously withheld is coming to light, more than 40 years later, people are responding–I know that car; I know that face. But what good will it do if the agency charged with solving this cold case won’t act on any of it? The response morphed from overwhelm (too hard!!) to “too many useless leads.” The average person is so afraid of the words “conspiracy” or “cover-up,” as if these concepts are always bullshit. If it ever happens to or around you, you will feel the sense of drowning that accompanies it. It’s why that shit works.

This blog was born from betrayal. Who knew there would be one after another for the last decade-plus? A reader wrote:

Along with almost every stone unturned, it’s almost another confirmation of a system that operated with betrayals and cover ups for over 40 years to 4 families that want truth and justice. There is no chance for closure or healing when the wound keeps getting deeper and deeper.

And why, besides Cory Williams and Kym Worthy, wanting the same closure and healing, do the rest of the f***ing enablers just continue their course of action by sabotaging evidence, ignoring reports, allowing the whacking of persons of interest–instead of protecting these sources. This dark hole they keep digging needs to stop.

Stop the lying and stop the digging.

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