The Revolving Probation Door for James Vincent Gunnels.

Looks like the conscienceless, drug-addled Vince Gunnels is again a parole absconder as of October 5, 2020. Thank you to a reader for this information. I have to wonder about the probation office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Gunnels absconded last December. Sixth months before that, the do-nothing Michigan State Police said they could arrange for a hypnosis session for this amnesiac. This was never done.

I’ve written a lot about this man. He has information about the OCCK crimes and he is withholding it. Unlike Ted Lamborgine and Arch Sloan, he is on the streets.

So how is it that Gunnels absconds from parole last December and does not wind up back in prison? He checks in with his PO and then is an absconder again as of October 5?

I’m going to tell you a little story about Vince. Word is he told someone that he testified at the grand jury proceedings concerning the OCCK cases in Oakland County in the spring of 2012 and that at the conclusion of his “testimony,” Jessica Cooper apologized to him. Apologized. The only purpose of that grand jury proceeding was to impose a gag order on all of the participants. Think about that.

So much for Vinny’s gag order, Jessica. Cooper apologizes to him. His PO doesn’t give a shit where he goes or what he does. The MSP never circles back around to line up the hypnosis session–which Gunnels himself suggested. Dropping balls right and left. At least you all are consistent.

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  1. Just when you think the incompetence couldn’t get any worse. And, I want to scream reading that JC apologized to Gunnels. Nauseating.

  2. gunnels is the guy who helped another man kidnap a kid near nine mile i saw the two men with the boy ..although at the time i didn’t know it was a kidnapping till decades later and the other man is now dead ..what a tragedy

  3. Hey Cathy, This is easy. As someone who works with both probation/parole matters , in Michigan, unless your violation is violent, they will not lock you up.

  4. The good thing is that Jessica Cooper is done come November. You should call a press conference asking his probation officer and MSP when they intend to follow the law and have him locked up for violating his parole.



  5. This turd should be made to talk. Just like Arch should . They both have connection to the cases and it’s absurd that neither are not made to talk. There’s 4 suspects that should be made to talk at all costs. The families of the victims deserve closure. Sloan, Lamborghine, Hastings and Gunnels, need to talk. Get them before another ends up dying.

    1. Cathy,
      What do you make of the “Allen letter” do you think it’s a hoax or not?
      As I’ve said before Vince knows a lot more than he’s ever said to authorities.Wonder if his sister has any morals or ethics or even a bit of compassion, unless of course Vince was a lot more than an observer.

      This whole thing is a convoluted mess of corruption,Lies,Bribes,Blackmail,Coverups,dirty politics,etc,etc


      1. I’ve never known what to make of the Allen letter. Back in the day I remember leaning toward hoax just because people were making cruel phone calls to our home and I was put off by what seemed like purposeful syntax and writing weirdness as opposed to true difficulties with the English language. More importantly now, was this letter tested for fingerprints? The stamp for DNA? If you read newspaper articles from 1977 and the lame book, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, it is clear that the heads of the task force were just a bunch of inexperienced men in their 40s with gigantic egos who made snap decisions about things like the Allen letter and just about everything else.

        This case is an evil convergence of just what you describe–corruption, ass-covering, lies, bribes, blackmail, political bullshit and cowardice. At the end of the day, legitimate avenues of investigation were shut down when they brushed up against pedophiles who were “upstanding” members of society, confidential informants who went rogue, murders committed by cops and task force failures. Those in charge–Robertson, Krease, Patterson and Thompson, chose their career trajectories and the lives of the powerful over those of four (and probably more) innocent, pre-teen kids.

        And as for Vince Gunnels and his band of siblings–yeah, no morals, compassion or ethics there. They were apparently raised to live with this kind of shit. And I believe Vince is in deeper than observer status and that his sister (or half-sister, or whatever she is) Karen and his younger brother Paul know this. Just like Greg Greene’s brother (the one who received and conveniently threw out a letter from Greg about “his life”) knows.

          1. I’m quite sure he wasn’t. Paul Gunnels, the younger brother Vince referred to as “his shadow” was finally interviewed less than 18 months ago. My brother and I begged LE to interview him for a decade. Of course he had amnesia.

  6. Has there been any update on your FOIA request pertaining to the transcripts of the jail house call between Gunnels and his sister?

    1. I am quite sure the transcript is in the FOIA documents I posted online in the spring. It’s the transcript where Gunnels tells his sister about his younger brother Paul being his constant “shadow” and that Paul will have to face him at some point, etc. And where Gunnels, in response to a question about his DNA says simply “I wasn’t there when it happened.”

      1. It would appear that Gunnels knows where “it” happened. And whom. I presume “it” means murder.

  7. Just a friendly reminder. Vince is still on the lam. In most states if you are on probation/parole and violate, back to the big house you go. However ,not Michigan. In Michigan , you violate all you want and they will not lock you up unless you commit a very violent crime.

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