Does this POS kind of remind you of anyone?

8 Comments on “Does this POS kind of remind you of anyone?”

  1. bitamoney says:

    On my computer I have to subscribe to The New York Times to read this. But is the case where the daughter was stolen out of her camping tent?

  2. sancali says:

    He looks like Gary Ridgeway.

  3. TB says:

    Well, the asexual/homosexual angle fits John Hastings. If you look at Hastings Facebook profile pics, you have to wonder how this fucker hasn’t been locked up based off of his creepiness alone.

  4. Susan Albright-Slussear says:

    Yet another cold case potentially solved…..WHEN will Oakland County go to the mat and finally TRY to solve the killings of your brother and the other children?

  5. Nina Innsted says:

    He was a supporter of my podcast via Patreon

    I made a donation for the amount of money he’s given me


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