“When I heard the details: GM Executive, organized ring of sexual abuse, etc., my blood ran cold.”

I am going through an overwhelming 18″-plus high stack of emails, letters and documents that I had to put to the side in order not to drown over the past couple of years. Here is a copy of a letter sent to my Dad about four years ago. For obvious reasons, identifying information has been obscured.

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  1. bitamoney says:

    As I’ve said before, The Depp family lived across the street from us. Mr. Depp was some kind of white collar worker at Ford, though not an executive. This is the father of Harold Depp, fractured, f’d up priest, who was brought to trial, convicted, I believe in Alaska, incarcerated, then “moved” to Palm Springs to live La Dolce Vita. I would so love to pick his brain.

  2. Matt says:

    Jesus. And did I read here at some point over the years…whether in the comments or possibly in some of the documents that have been shared…that there was talk of THIS (Possible pedophile ring within the highest levels of GM/automotive) being something that was said to have almost certainly happened?

    I wish I can go back to where I’ve seen that (it may have been elsewhere), but just crazy to have read that it was likely what was going on, on some sort of scale, then to see that this private investigator had come to the same conclusion.

    Just reminds you that SO MUCH has been uncovered in regards to this case or in the orbit of this case, but that there is obviously SO MUCH MORE that we don’t.

  3. Amy S says:

    “Don’t waste your time, the case won’t go anywhere.”
    Shouldn’t LE response be “We have other evidence and information regarding this ring, and we are going to do what it takes to get these guys!”
    I can’t wrap my head around anyone protecting a pedephile- it hurts the most vulnerable and innocent beings in our society. Why do we see so many cases (Jerry Sandusky, Larry Nasar, Chris Busch, Greg Green, more priests than can be counted) of men who have preyed upon, violated and damaged children, who have not been reported- and when they are, they are not locked up. This is a BIG problem.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Does ANYONE really think that these pedophile rings(rapist of little boys and girls)just simply went away/ceased to exist? No, they didn’t and these Sick Freaks continue to destroy children as of this day. Sick parents that trade their own children so they can obtain children, “parents” that hand their children over to these freaks for their own monetary gain. Sick MF Freaks that rape/torture children making pornography to pass along to other Sick MF Freaks of Nature-and the children/kids they abduct to pass from the west to the east, north to the south til they age out or are murdered if they “don’t comply”. They kids they turn into junkies to keep them in compliance. Yet when “caught” these MF usually only receive but a slap on the wrist and are free to continue to roam our streets/churches/schools/amusement parks/theme parks in search of their next victim/prey. It is usually Never the BIG guys(on the PED totem pole) that get “caught” /apprehended-They probably “serve” in too high of places/too much money involved. The meager sentences these sickos receive…makes you question how far into our already corrupt court systems/legal systems these “networks” of pedophiles are implanted. We’ve heard how children have been “removed” from their homes-only to be transported into waiting(sick and disgusting)hands of a Child Raping pedophiles home. WHEN are the CHILDREN GOING TO BE PRIORITY?! Many of these VICTIMS were also forced to do commit crimes that they themselves endured as a way for these Freaks to keep them silenced. Many in Law Enforcement are involved themselves…And This is how these warped freaks continue raping boys/girls-day after day, year after year, decade after decade. I say FREAKS many times…because this is what they are freaks of human nature…they are NOT RIGHT! No NORMAL human person would enjoy the pain and suffering they inflict on a child to serve themselves. Even if you had a “desire” for children(SICK PERVERTS)..does that then give you the right to inflict such abuse on them? NO>there will be a special torturous place in HELL for those that inflict this suffering on children…That is the only thought on this topic that makes me happy.

  5. Susan Albright- Slussear says:

    The saddest part is that back in the 70’s there were potentially real trails to track down, nowadays, these rings operate on the dark web and are so much more difficult to track down.

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