Child Rape and Murder surely does not constitute protected OIA.

Christopher Brian Busch was a stone-cold, unrepentant, uncontrolled pedophile. With four pending CSC against a minor cases pending, he was given probation in every case. Why would various judges grant probation in such a situation? Even in Oakland County, even if the defendant was the grown-ass son of a GM executive? Was Busch a confidential informant or a confidential witness in, say, an interstate federal case that was being developed against Frank Shelden and his buddies?

While this “Special Report” on the use of CIs and CWs is dated 2005, it examines the long history of the “queasy” use of these types. The Confidential Informant Guidelines permit some illegal activity or “OIA” (otherwise illegal activity). Surely Busch’s protected OIA would not extend to participating in kidnapping, torturing and murdering children. Could this be why the OCCK case and the N. Fox Island case quickly dry up with nothing to show for any “investigation”?

It looks like federal law didn’t start addressing the many issues surrounding CIs and CWs until 1978. The late Richard Lawson is an example of a pedophile who went outside of any concept of OIA, probably on a daily basis. His deal with Detroit PD is one for the ages. A good informant is only as good as the arrests made in response to the information. It is not, as was the case with Lawson, a license to rape, in exchange for drug busts.

If Busch was being tapped by the feds, you can bet we will never learn the truth about what took place in the OCCK investigation. If Daddy Warbucks and CB’s attorneys in Flint and Detroit were able to leverage some kind of deal with the feds to keep his ass from being prosecuted in, say the Flint case (numerous child victims, suitcase full of child porn; co-defendant Greg Greene gets life in prison, he walks), surely that arrangement did not contemplate participation in the OCCK crimes.

Too bad it would take many more decades for Congress to even contemplate a confidential informant accountability act, to require Federal law enforcement agencies to report to Congress serious crimes, authorized as well as unauthorized, committed by their confidential informants. Title as Introduced,committed by their confidential informants. 

As it stood in 1978, when Busch is found dead, the feds could have come in and said–this goes no further, we have to protect our use of confidential informants and avoid any civil liability; we’ll take it from here. And bury it forever. Sorry, suckers.

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  1. maggiep1958 says:

    The only thing is, if he were an informant, where was the outcome of his informing police? It’s not like there was a big case solved or anything?

  2. crimebuffy says:

    Wasn’t it Lawson who said Bob Moore & that pack of sick-o’s would procure young boys for H.Lee? That Avenue seems more plausible as to why Cash Daddy went to the lengths he did to bail Chris out. To protect himself and GM.

  3. OCresident says:

    This is the thing I keep coming back to. Busch was being protected, and the fact that the FBI “lost” all that evidence in a biblical flood, and the suitcase of photos was never found….. To me it says Busch was being used as an informant.

    Maybe H.Lee finds out his kid is still raping despite the informant arrangement (definitely breaking the rules), and decides to stage the ‘suicide’ to end his inconvenient son’s life – It would explain his eagerness to get the weapon back from cops immediately.

    Or, maybe Chris’s pedo buddies realize he’s a snitch and decide to off him themselves. Someone knew that by making it a “suicide” that it would make life easier for LE, for the Busch family, and for the remaining crooks.

    Perhaps the f e d s went through Busch’s photos and realized he was involved in OCCK, and decided to cover up their involvement in a high-profile case in the national media. Allowing Shelden to flee but also preventing a national PR embarrassment for themselves.

    Or perhaps, like has been implied here before, H.Lee was involved in pedophilia himself, and wanted to protect his reputation by silencing his increasingly out of control son, who could have plausibly been victimized himself in life.

    This is one of the big rabbit holes in this case for me, there are different ways it could have played out but it’s obvious that Chris B was involved in some way with the case. It’s just a question of in what way and how much.

  4. lekatzmeow says:

    Question: Oliver Rhodes Andrews status in prison says, Current status: discharged Discharge date: 10-9-2020 He is 85 years old. Does this mean they let him out? What happened to life in prison?

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