Acting on a tip.

Check out this story about an “ordinary woman” who made sure a 61-year-old, U.S. citizen pedophile running an “orphanage” in Kenya got busted.

A special clause in the U.S. penal code allows for prosecution of child abuse cases committed by Americans overseas. This freak agreed to a plea deal and was sentenced in a U.S. federal court to 188 months in prison on four counts of “engaging in illicit sexual conduct in foreign places.” The man will be nearly 80 years old if he makes it to the end of his sentence. Maybe another prisoner will make sure he doesn’t.

The “ordinary woman,” Margaret Ruto, is a nurse in her mid-30s. In a fluke that could really only mean the Universe wanted her to know about this and do something about it, she learned a man who lived just 10 minutes from her home in the United States had opened an orphanage not 10 minutes from her ancestral village in Kenya — and children were saying they had been sexually abused there.

Ruto is coming forward with her story because she — and the FBI and the U.S. attorney’s office that prosecuted Dow — hope it will inspire similar sleuthing instincts in others.

The message is clear: REPORT. In this case, the FBI actually listened, which is not something we who are even vaguely familiar with the OCCK case, Frank Shelden and the pedophile and child porn rings operating in and around Birmingham, Michigan and other regions in Michigan–in the 1970s and probably right now–can even relate to. Some say Frank Shelden is still alive and if so, in his 90s, true to his nature would still be committing crimes against children. Prosecutors in Michigan sat on their hands while he left the country in 1976 to continue violating children in places he could not then be extradited from. “Wait and see.” Big surprise, the monster never stopped and probably escalated.

Margaret Ruto reported a U.S. citizen pedophile who was committing crimes against children in Kenya. She followed through and the animal she reported is headed to prison. This is an amazing story.

One thought on “Acting on a tip.”

  1. Cathy,

    Although I can’t access the article, thank you for telling us about Margaret! An ordinary, decent, caring person really can make a difference. She did. She stuck to it. Other Margarets can and will, too, wherever they are in the world.

    And here, one of these days, one way or another, the truth will out. You are driving this bus.

    Thank you.

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