So much has been written about this man, including on this blog. I am going to keep it simple and post the MSP supplemental report dated Friday, October 9, 2009 concerning the polygraph of John Hastings by the Georgia State Patrol Investigator Steve Duncan of the Polygraph Unit.

Case status: OPEN.

I could post another 50 pages from this portion of the FOIA response from the MSP about not only Hastings, but about Garry Gray’s attempts to get as much dirt as possible on “tipster” Helen Dagner. Gray says at multiple points he basically just wants to get Hastings’ DNA to shut Dagner up. But I have posted all the documents before. Nothing turns the dial in this goddamn case.

Law enforcement, for those of you who don’t like to read, all you have to do is read this one document. Get that DVD of this polygraph session from the MSP before they destroy it. Get the reports prepared by Georgia law enforcement. Find this guy and make him talk. He has four siblings and at least one is in Michigan. Stop protecting this monster.

He was a child hunter along with Busch, Greene and their lure Gunnels. He is still alive, although now he will claim mental illness and a heart condition. So what. That he was “investigated” numerous times along the way is irrelevant.

If you want an example of a cold case where investigators backed a compulsive liar into a corner and solved the 1975 abduction and murder of two young sisters in 2017, read The Last Stone, by Mark Bowden (2019). “The path to the truth, or as close as they were likely to get to it, was down a long trail of lies. It was the only way.”

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  1. I don’t know who would actually agree to do this, but since GBI said they were providing COPIES of the DVD/Reports, could someone ask for another copy? Of course that’s assuming that someone would actually make the request from the MSP and that the GBI office hasn’t experienced massive flooding…

  2. Tonight was the first time I’ve ever seen or read that report from MSP about Hastings polygraph in Atlanta. I’m not surprised in the least that Hastings was familiar with Busch, and possibly Greene, Gunnels and others. If a Grand Jury heard all of the evidence uncovered in recent years, they may indict those still living. Short of pistol whipping these turds, I don’t see any other way to compel the truth from them.


    1. Of course Gray and Robertson wouldn’t share this information. The report specifically says the information was conveyed to Gray and Robertson in a conference call with Steve Duncan. I am truly shocked Gray even memorialized the conversation. This and other documents clearly show the MSP received DVDs of this polygraph and reports prepared by Duncan.

      YES. Grand Jury. And not the fake “gag order,” thank Vince Gunnels for his service, kind of Grand Jury Oakland County pulled in 2011.

      Under oath and soon. Hastings has knowledge, at a minimum. So does his brother Tom. And his family covered for him.

      They are not the only liars. Some with law licenses lied and obstructed, too. They all may still lie under oath, but perjury is more problematic than lying.

    2. Cory, first off, thank you so much for all of your dedication, hard work and the had to put up with in helping trying to solve the OCCK case. I only wish you were still working on it.

      Questions for you, if I may:

      1) The letter to Bruce Danto by the supposed killer(s)- does LE still have this letter and envelop within their evidence storage?. If yes,I wonder whether or not LE can take the stamp(s) off the envelop and test it for DNA?

      2) Were you aware at all of Bloomfield Township Officer Richard McNamee’s behavior in the 70’s during your investigation? Could the cover-up be due to LE being embarrassed that one of their own was at least partially responsible?

      3) Why did LE hold back the drawings that witness Doug Wilson, under hypnosis,gave tothe artist?

      4) Can another Grand Jury be convened with the drawings and Georgia polygraph evidence on Hastings?

      Thanks for any feedback.

    3. Cory, thanks for responding recently, to the questions about Hasting/GBI, etc and whether he had “passed” or failed.

      It is something that had recently become a big question, but it now makes sense that you did not previously know about the bombshell (IMO) from Georgia.

      Again, thanks for clarifying.

  3. Thanks to Corey and Catherine for your work and dedication. Thanks Cathy for bringing attention to this sick mother fucker Hastings . I’m sorry but I’ve had it with this bastard . I know he’s guilty. You are right about the siblings protecting him. When authorities asked his sister “ Mary” about John doing the murders, all she said was prove it. She’s the only sibling left in Michigan. Tom is in Pensacola Florida. Younger brother Mike is a hack actor in California. They have been hiding their sick older brother John for years. Enough of the bullshit. Get a grand jury and make this bastard talk before something happens to him. Of course he knew Busch. Same age and lived a few streets over. Come on now. Jesus Christ.

    I found out a few years back that John Hastings lived in Lake Orion back in 1998- 2003. I lived 10 minutes away from this guy. I wish I knew that back then.

    1. And where is Patty? Michigan? Or has she flown under the radar? As for Mary’s response, I’m sure her former boss coached her well.

      1. I’m sorry, I forgot about Patty. She’s in Florida with brother Tom. I know daddy Hastings retired there and passed away some years ago.

        I know you are innocent until proven guilty. This guy may have been questioned many times, but his polygraph hasn’t been addressed. There was one comment made about anyone could have been the artist that drew the picture that was in Busch’s bedroom. Hastings being a good artist is just one thing that could possibly link him to the case. It’s just my personal opinion from the information that I’ve gathered from all of these years, that Hastings is the numero uno suspect . It’s frustrating to me that the MSP and the media have brushed this nut job under the bus and really don’t consider him a suspect. They disregard everything because of Helens lies. Yes Corey called her bluff and she admitted to him she lied about a lot , but in my opinion that still doesn’t clear him as a suspect.
        I’ll never forget back in 1984 a detective friend of our family was on the case and he told us about how he knew who the killer was but they couldn’t do anything about it because he was in a mental institution. He told us the mom worked at BEAUMONT hospital. Our friend never gave us a name of the man, but Hastings is the only suspect that I know of that’s been in mental institutions.

        1. Hastings came on to my radar in 2003. He’s always been a big blip on my screen, sadly, many more blips have popped up over the years as well. Helen’s lies came as a result of being brushed off. As I said on another comment in a previous post, she BELIEVED John was the OCCK. When she was brushed off, called crazy, etc., she needed to up the ante to get him seriously looked at. How is that any different than the MSP who lied and name called, covered and gaslighted to make their party line hold? I agree with you, Hastings is absolutely still a suspect and with the GBI assessment of his Polygraph and interviews, he needs to be squeezed HARD ASAP – as do the sibs.

        2. Everell E. Fisher, Jr., was institutionalized from 1960 to 1964 (ages 19 to 22?) at the Menninger Psychiatric Hospital in Topeka, KS, as reflected in OCCK task force tip pages. Chris Busch was under the care of Birmingham psychiatrist Dr. Herbert Raskin. If Busch were temporarily housed at a psychiatric facility, it probably would have been overseas. However, in the interview of Busch’s only living sibling, he does not mention a stint in a psychiatric facility, just that he had moved home to be closer to his attorneys and his psychiatrist. This interview also indicates that attorney R. Keith Stark was representing Busch, well past the days leading up to my brother’s abduction and perhaps during the time Jane Burgess picked up Chris as a client. We know you know, Keith.

  4. More frustrations and BS compliments the MSP!
    Is there no way to charge Gray & Robertson for
    Obstruction of Justice? What a pair of dumb mother #%>€#*+!!!!
    Duncan’s summarization on Hastings is almost verbatim to Dyktra’s on Lamborgine.

    1. I talked to Gray several times over this matter. The problem is the OCCK could come along and bite him in the ass and I don’t think he would know it!

  5. What lends strong credibility to the GBI polygraph is that Investigator Duncan came to the conclusion that Hastings was somehow involved with and had knowledge of these crimes, not necessarily the actual murderer. Bingo! I think he hit the nail on the head. I believe that he was on a lower tier of the OCCK Gang hierarchy.
    Unlike Helen Dagner, who was trying to force the evidence to show that Hastings was the actual QCCK killer. By doing so, she derailed an extremely promising lead.

    The map Hastings drew for Helen of the Jill Robinson disposal scene seems to indicate an intricate knowledge of that crime scene.

    Hastings also looks to bear a strong resemblance to Tim’s abductor who was seen by 3 people at the Hunter Maple parking lot. The person drawn in those witness descriptions is the only time in these crimes that a glimpse of someone from the OCCK gang was spotted with one of the victims.

    One very unfortunate thing was that Duncan did not polygraph him on the Tim King murder since that had been supposedly done in 1992.

    Duncan said he was absolutely convinced Hastings knew Chris Busch from the questioning.


    1. Yes, Bob. I could not believe it when I read he was not polygraphed about Tim’s murder. Yes, Dagner derailed a lead. But whatever happened to keeping an open mind about this case? The kind of open mind that could absorb the following: Hastings was a follower and a child hunter with his neighbor Busch and Greg Greene and Vince Gunnels. While at first it was easier to get kids from Cass Corridor, they expanded the operation to the suburbs, where many of the paying clients were. Years later he hooks up with Helen Dagner and he realizes he has a captive audience and starts telling the story of the OCCK and claims “full credit.”

      And yes, Hastings bears a strong resemblance to the composites. He was there on March 16, 1977, which makes it all the more maddening that the Georgia polygraph did not address Tim’s case. Here’s the biggest thing that stands out for me: This Georgia police agency is completely independent of the complicit law enforcement enablers in Michigan. That Gray and Robertson had this information, hid it from other investigators and did not move on it, is clear evidence of the continuation of obstruction of justice by the MSP. Obstruction which began in 1978 when Dave Robertson’s father, Robert Robertson, made the decision to ditch the Chris Busch information for what he hoped would be forever.


      They just double-down when faced with evidence like this polygraph information. It is corruption on an astonishing level. It goes so far beyond incompetence.

      1. I totally agree with Cathy. Old man Robertson has to have been involved with the derailment of the case right from the start. As Marney Rich Keenan presented so perfectly in her book, Robertson, Krease and Koenig repeatedly told the “killer is the son of a rich family and they sent him to a European mental facility” story again and again for articles in the years following the murders. And wasn’t Robertson also involved in the book, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, that pushed this narrative? The book with the red herring Gremlin on the cover. His son also appears to be carrying on the tradition of pointing people away from the Busch angle, as seen in Children of the Snow. Decades of deceit, as Mr. King called it. Exactly.

      2. The obstruction of justice is interesting. I’m no legal scholar by any means, but the amount catastrophic F-ups and even worse, INTENTIONAL coverups and just complete incompetence & lack of ability to do their damn job, has to constitute some sort of charge, where people who destroyed this case can be held accountable.

        Many in law enforcement who have had their dirty fingerprints on this case in a round-about way, have become suspects as well. Maybe not to the extent of the pieces of shit who actually perpetrated the crimes, but they have obviously…and many willfully…destroyed this case and confounded the pain and struggle.

        There needs to be a reckoning for many who were trusted, but have let so many down.

        1. Exactly, Matt. And yet the biggest uphill climb here is the reticence to touch these corrupt people in law enforcement (including prosecutors). Who polices the police?! Most of these fuckers are dead, but some still live with themselves, no problem.

          No one wanted to believe more than one person was involved in abducting and killing these kids in Oakland County. And no one wants to believe that those charged with protecting all of us, fucked everyone over. Everyone but the perpetrators of these crimes. Some of our old neighbors can’t even go there.
          It drives me crazy.

          You cannot “solve” this case without addressing this corruption. Totally intertwined.

          1. Is it pretty much up to the AG or DOJ to actually do decide to put in the work and do a thorough review and investigation…of the investigation?

            I know we keep saying this, but it can’t simply be “Oops, we screwed up really, really bad. Our bad. Oh well!!!” and everyone just moves on. Especially with all that has since come out and with what we know of how these “cops” and “investigators” have actually made efforts to derail this case.

            It is so damn obvious in this case. Somebody with teeth needs to come down and make and example of this crooked and incompetent police work and politics.

            I know I’m preaching to the choir, but damn. Publicly solve this case and hold those who participated in the cover up, accountable. It has to happen, some way, some how.

            1. Simply indicting a Gunnels or a Hastings isn’t going to get the job done, although that’s a start. Exposure of the crass and callous politicians and law enforcement who stepped over the bodies of four dead kids, so they could advance their careers and save face, could happen through a focused investigation by an agency with integrity. Or it can continue to be analyzed and exposed by media whose reach goes well beyond Michigan and the U.S.

              Oakland County law enforcement and the state police “moved on.” Their arrogance prevented them from realizing the community they damaged did not. Alive or dead, their actions must be exposed.

              1. Yeah that’s what I mean. Gunnels and those losers obviously need their ultimate convictions & punishment, but it’s the “protectors” who let us down that need to have a spotlight put on them and investigated by somebody with authority.

                The politicians, businessmen and law enforcement members who participated in cover ups and destruction of evidence, knowingly burying and not follow leads and tips, etc. They need to be exposed and punished as well. People, agencies, companies and families need to be outed and punished for their parts. In public and in the legal system.

  6. Interesting to get what we can out of this redacted non communication. Even with all the blanks it is so obvious that he is dirty.

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