Zoom Book Discussion on Tuesday, May 25

If you have not yet caught a Zoom book discussion by author Marney Keenan of her 2020 book The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, or even if you have and now have other questions, sign up for the next discussion here:


The discussion is offered through the Ferndale Public Library and OaklandCountyTimes.com. Questions can be submitted in advance by email to maggie@ferndalepubliclibrary.org.

The advertised time is listed as 7 p.m. and also 6:30 p.m., so be sure to double-check.

Mark Stebbins, the first known victim of the OCCK(s), was abducted in Ferndale. If you review some of the FOIA documents I posted in March and April 2020, it is very obvious that Ferndale was a locus for pedophiles. The creeps who were present at the VFW Hall the afternoon Mark went missing, as well as some of the “family men” (with their own kids) living in Ferndale at that time will make your skin crawl.

Arch Sloan was looked at early on in the Stebbins investigation and his car searched. Yet no one would hear his name until the July 2012 press conference by previous Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper. https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/2012/07/20/legal-expert-weighs-in-on-latest-break-in-oakland-county-child-killer-case/. Sloan, like Ted Lamborgine, is an old pedophile rotting in prison in Michigan. Evidence obtained from his car during the Stebbins investigation would not be carefully considered until decades later when magically, somebody figured out that hairs from Sloan’s vehicle matched hairs found on the bodies of Mark Stebbins and Tim King. Hairs that in the case of Tim King, had been “misfiled” as animal hairs.

The biggest, most expensive manhunt of its kind back in 1977 and 1978. And what do they have to show for it? Zoom discussions by civilians some 45 years later.

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  1. It is my understanding that Marney has addressed the JH situation on previous book zoom meetings and she stated that he passed his polygraph and she shrugged it off as he’s not considered a suspect anymore. By now we all know that is simply not true and complete bull. Because I have not seen her directly respond to this matter like Cory has, I just hope she has changed her mind. It sure don’t help the case or getting to the truth on this matter when he keeps getting directed as not a suspect. The total opposite should be done where pressure should be put on getting the records and DVD reviewed by someone. It is understandable why many interpreted that he passed his poly just because of the nature of the situation and basically Gary wanting to bury anything related to Helen years ago. (Spidey’s case as well!) So probably the word went around by mouth that he passed his poly. Avoidance of discussing JH may be a possibility for Marney but don’t make claims that can’t be backed up with documents. That goes along with Greene being out of jail as well. A couple cops memories from 44 years ago is just not enough. Records have to indicate the real truth behind that matter as well. Where we stand now I believe the records indicate the opposite.

  2. Marney understands the Hastings issue–at the time her book was published she was under the impression, as was Cory Williams, that Hastings had “passed” his poly in Georgia and we now know that the MSP hid the fact that he did not in fact “pass” and has subsequently “lost” the DVDs and reports sent to the MSP by the Georgia Highway Patrol (who has also, in the course of “regular business” destroyed these records). Want a file or any information to disappear? Send it to the dirty black hole that is the MSP OCCK case file. As you know, it was a sheer fluke that a FOIA document recounting the results was not completely redacted with the heavy MSP redaction hand and two very astute readers caught this. As I said, Marney gets it and I’m sure any subsequent book or follow up would address the entire Georgia polygraph fiasco. Law enforcement in Michigan certainly doesn’t want to address it. And there are of course the drawings that surfaced for the first time last summer–through Marney–which show composite drawings of faces closely matching Hastings and his neighbor, pedophile BTPD cop Richard McNamee (first on the scene of the Busch “suicide”). I believe John Hastings was out hunting children on the evening of March 16, 1977, that it was not the first time he was so engaged, and that it is he, not Greg Greene, reflected in those composite drawings. I think at whatever level Hastings was involved, he has knowledge concerning these crimes. Polygrapher Steve Duncan thought so as well. And that’s why that evidence from 2009, in an allegedly OPEN CASE is “missing.”

      1. Inquisitor, so then you discount the following;
        Lt Dykstra felt Lamborgine was involved & he failed his polygraph miserably on all the victims. AS failed on TK, VG on KM and what about the Pat Coffey Larry Wasser matter? Too many monsters on one endless merry go round.

        1. Crime Buffy;

          Why do you always jump to so many conclusions. You always seem to do that.

          I have never discounted Pat Coffey. I believe Busch is involved with this someway.

        2. I’m trying to primarily make a point of the polygraph and people claiming he passed it which is not true. I believe there was massive pedophile activities as many have reported. I believe it some how relates to this crime. I believe Busch is some how connected to this crime. I’m grateful Mr Coffey as uncovered that part of it. However, I don’t believe every single pedophile under the sun was involved with this crime. Things like Green’s jail time don’t line up and neither does the sketch details. I remember you specifically stated that there were records indicating Mr. Greene was out of jail at Tim’s abduction but so far no one has provided any.

  3. There’s so many pedophiles, it is just horrific. It GG’s widows peak is such an issue than the fact that Officer Perv McNamee was bald is an issue as well, the older man in the car had hair, McNamee did not. All we all want is justice. The DNA leads to AS’s vehicle & VG. Until the MSP is relieved from the investigation, the wheels are going to spin.

    1. The jail time is even more critical than the widow’s peak. It’s kind of hard to be in those sketches if he wasn’t even there. Good point as far as McNamee’s hair, although I thought the bald head pics were from a later time. I would believe McNamee wearing a wig way before Busch shaved his beard and looked 20 years older but it’s really a silly debate when it comes down to it.

      The problem we have is polygraph conclusions reached by two professionals claim that JH was ABSOLUTELY involved with these murders and KNEW Busch. How on earth did they come up with that? That part was redacted from the reports for obvious reasons. To ignore that and pretend it’s not there when reports and DVDs were made giving details is really turning a blind eye on this whole case. JH may know the pieces to this whole damn thing. He may have even revealed it to them.

      DNA is not going to completely solve this. Someone needs to talk. There are truck loads of pedophiles. The does not rule out JH possible involvement. Try to get rational with this thing please.

  4. Maybe I missed something through all of this but I thought McNamee was already connected to pedophile activities and was connected to Busch. Wasn’t he the one that was first reported at Busch murder (oopps I mean suicide) scene?

  5. I will not turn this into a combative forum because the goal here is Justice. It’s not right or wrong that your position is JH. Clearly there is a slew of pedophiles involved but I believe PC and I believe LW said what he said. I’m not going to go back & fourth with you. I don’t happen to take the position it was JH. I think JH was a loner/recluse who knew a lot about the case and had the misfortune of meeting HD and her eccentricities. Just what is the supposed info he had that only the perp would know? Someone truly interested in the case, would know the pick up:drop offs just from watching the news., It doesn’t make me right, doesn’t make me wrong! I will always believe CB’s Blue Vega Wagon with the white hockey stripe was used as transport and/or abducting.
    I don’t care that you don’t agree but you can’t explain them away. Facts are facts and it’s not “irrational” to think CB & GG are involved. At times, people have said it was that priest (who by the way strongly resembles the younger man in DW’s sketch), people have said McKinney was involved—so just because it dissents from your position doesn’t make it irrational.

    1. I sure don’t want to battle with all of that solid evidence that you just provided. However the discussion was primarily over a polygraph and how many interpreted wrongly that he passed it thru the years and the strong conclusions that were written in Georgia. And more importantly missing things out of the report which Cathy cant seem to find. I think we really need to find the missing pieces.

  6. Reading over everything again I see that Cathy made those statements in her post at the very top as else where previously. I knew I read that somewhere. So McNamee is definitely connected to Busch and pedophile activity. So why I’m being accused of discounting that side of it is beyond me. Maybe the philosophy that I must accept the entire John/Helen story in it’s entirely or not at all. I’m simply after the facts and where that leads us. People have their minds set on who is in those composite sketches and it’s all across the board and that’s fine. It keeps the case alive and the hope that something will be done about it someday. I thank Marney for uncovering the mystery Doug Wilson hypnosis sketches. They were talked about for years and were thought to be lost like everything else in this case. Her finding those could be a major break in this case and appears to be going that way. McNamee could be the link to solving this. I thank Cathy for being so openly honest on her statement above and letting the chips fall where they fall.

    1. Here’s what is so hard for me. Everyone wants to argue and pick at authors, podcasters, documentarians, and with anyone who has a theory in this case. Yet the fact that it can even be argued about is due to malfeasance by the Oakland County Prosecutor and the MSP back in the day. They were relieved when this case was shut down and allowed to die. They are even more relieved at the chaos that ensued when facts were revealed and they stood back and said and did jack shit about it. The state police and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office continue to be complicit enablers of the cover up that began in 1977. This cover up meant legitimate inquiries had to be thwarted (Wayne County, Livonia, Cory Williams) and further investigation ignored (anyone who has tried to come in the past 15 years can attest to this). It is outrageous. People on a blog give more thought to this case than the MSP or the OCP. They are that confident that this case was dealt purposeful, mortal blows in 1977 and 1978, to the detriment of justice, any honest cops who worked the case, and the victims. This is the enduring evil and shame of Oakland County, Michigan.

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