What can happen when agencies work together, rather than thwart

Thank you to a reader:


“I saw this article about the recent identification of remains found thirty-six years ago in Montana.  

Skeletal remains found by Montana bear hunter identified as missing mother more than 35 years later (msn.com)

This line stood out to me:
With financial assistance from Montana Department of Justice’s Sexual Assault Kit Initiative program, the Cold Case Unit was able to partner with Othram labs to dig deeper in the case. Together, the agencies were able to conduct advanced DNA analysis, which ultimately allowed authorities to develop a family tree and reach out to potential relatives.

Another example of what can be accomplished when agencies work together.  Oh, and when they want the truth to come out, right?”


It does stand out, doesn’t it?

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  1. It’s so frustrating because it seems all the answers are sitting in some storage closet somewhere, but I am guessing that anyone that would want to take it on just gets shut down. Its really sad- is there any way for the Department of Justice or someone like that to get involved?

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