Predatory team docs are costing universities a lot of money

Forty-one men have filed suit in federal court against Ohio State University after a report from a law firm investigation concluded university employees were aware of concerns about sexual predator and team doctor Richard Strauss as early as 1979 but didn’t stop him from sexually abusing patients at the school.

At least 400 claims have previously been made alleging similar conduct by the doctor and the failures of the university to stop this predator and protect its students. Until results of the law firm’s investigation made national headlines in 2019, many of the men in the newly filed federal cases thought their experiences were isolated, didn’t recognize those as sexual assault, or didn’t know that school officials had been aware of concerns during the doctor’s tenure.

“‘With this suit, plaintiffs seek to hold OSU accountable for its failures, and to ensure that something like this can never happen again,’ lawyers wrote in one of the new cases.” Never. Again. Believe victims the first time and stop automatically taking the word of a narcissistic predator. Or it’ll cost ya.

5 thoughts on “Predatory team docs are costing universities a lot of money”

  1. I am a therapist. Most victims young and old, male and female feel isolated and that they were the only victim of the abuser.

  2. If there is a Child Predator involved ie CHILD RAPIST(PED FREAK)…THERE IS NO ISOLATED EXPERIENCE!-We must tell our children that if someone does something to them-no matter how “small” or how “major”…TELL someone about it and KEEP TELLING until someone listens and acts on behalf of them. If another person is standing by allowing this behavior(abuse/childrape)-they should serve jail/prison time also as they are an accomplice!

    1. Outside of your “average” Ped Freak that rapes/molest dozens of boys and girls(destroying them)does anyone else find it odd that these freaks that are receiving child rape/abuse/torture videos/Pic etc are the ones getting “busted” and serve(MINIMAL)time-If Any. Whilst these Abusers(Absconders) that are “acquiring” children, perpetrating the actual act, taping, profiting off of Hurting Children…are rarely ever “busted”(prosecuted)..They can track phones/scan any email, find those viewing this filth etc. BUT, they don’t have the technology to find where these child pornographers are hailing from(MAIN Source)?! Why Not?! Who serves to profit?!!!

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