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This is episode 11 of Eddie White’s podcast The Forever Children of Oakland County:


Pay particular attention to the part where White, referencing Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, describes the lengths Detective Cory Williams goes to to protect his family and the integrity of his files from the cops and prosecutors who allegedly have society’s best interests at heart. This is how the Michigan State Police and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office roll. My family has always been more worried about those with badges and law degrees than any of the aging remnants of a pedophile ring or their reputation-conscious, obstructing family members. Former Oakland County assistant prosecuting attorney Greg Townsend is the tip of a 50-year dirty iceberg. Think of what can happen when state police and prosecutors abuse their discretion (and far worse) and get away with it for decades. The possibilities are endless.

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  1. If lying, deceiving, gaslighting and protecting reputation, privilege and power cannot be set aside in order to realize the larger goal of finding out who abducted and murdered four innocent little kids, none of us has any reason to trust any office or department involved in this case. It’s no longer heartbreaking to me. It’s damn infuriating! And we’ll done Eddie for bringing this forward. I just hope your generation learns from our generation.

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