Was Greene in prison on March 16, 1977?

I do not see how you can read these documents from the FOIA response and conclude that Greene was on the streets after his arrest in Flint in late January, 1977. Feel free to disagree. Ask anyone who says Lourn Doan established Greene was indeed out on bond until he was sent to Jackson prison on June 16, 1977, if they actually spoke to Doan and asked him specifically about this.

On February 14, 1978, the report on Greene stating he was “out on bond,” was updated and states Greene’s probation officer was contacted and confirmed Greene was in custody from the minute he was arrested in Flint until he was packed off to Jackson Prison.

Next, consider this undated note written by “Julie” at Flint PD to Doan about Greene:

Consider the docket sheet in Michigan v. Gregory Woodard Greene:

Next, it looks like the MSP was still interested in Greg Greene in 1995. Maybe the state police are called to investigate every death of an inmate at Jackson. I have to wonder.

That composite drawing of a man seen talking with my brother on the evening of March 16, 1977, therefore cannot be Greg Greene. So who the hell is it? The Michigan State Police did not follow up with Hastings after he failed a polygraph given to him in October 2009 by Georgia Highway Patrol. The conclusion of the polygrapher was that Hastings “absolutely” knew Chris Busch and had some involvement in these child killing crimes. Not only was this not followed up on, the MSP now claims the reports, notes and DVDs prepared by GHP “cannot be found.”

Here is Greg Greene, check out his hairline:


Argue all you want about Hastings being or not being a suspect. I maintain the Hastings lead was never extinguished, never fully investigated because no one did shit on this tip after the polygraph in Georgia. Yet another loose end, this one involving a living person (and the numbers are dwindling). And for my money, a polygraph from Georgia is worth a hell of a lot more than any polygraph from Michigan. Why spend all the time and energy on a trip to Georgia and use the time and resources of another agency if you are just going to fucking drop it?

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  1. A lot of the tips/leads were not followed up on , because the detectives wanted to go home early, etc.. I don’t think inmate deaths are followed much unless it fell under accident or suicide.

  2. Sure as hell looks like MSP is holding the cards to this OCCK case on a DVD. Or at the very least, there is something there that could sure shed some light on things. I hope you can eventually find some truth to this matter where ever that leads to.

  3. After everything ive read, I have no doubt Greene was involved in the OCCK killings, and its my opinion that he was the “Killer” of the children but, I believe it was Hastings that was at that drug store in March of 1977. The FBI and not the MIchigan State Police needs to drag his ass back to Michigan and give him a proper polygraph test.

    1. Jeremy;
      I don’t think Greene abducted or killed Tim. This reads to me like Greene was in jail during all that time. So it’s impossible. Must point the finger at someone else, at least for Tim’s case. At this point I would like to see the FBI drag MSP in for polygraphs as well while there at it!

      1. I believe after what Catherine just disclosed , we can put the Greene theory to rest. I never thought he was involved. He was a pedophile. The OCCK was just that. A KILLER that killed kids. The Composites at the Timmy abduction was of a clean cut Suva type. A John Hastings type with shaggy hair. Greene was a dirt ball
        Scum bag. No kid would go with him willingly.

        The MSP is responsible for ditching the DVD of Hastings FAILED polygraph reading . This cannot be just dropped and be forgotten. This guy is 71 now and has had a quadruple bypass. He needs to be held accountable for whatever role he had in these murders. Get the surviving witnesses that seen Timmy talking to Hastings and let them verify the obvious

  4. It was not Mr. Greene. However, the answer lies in corrections.

  5. Has anyone looked into any connections between the children, like any teachers in common, for example?

    1. I believe there were connections, but I do not recall what they were.

    2. The original task force cross referenced many things about the kids and their families. However, they managed to miss the fact that murder victim John McKinney (murdered September 1977 in his Birmingham art gallery; “No connection to the child killings!” stated before any investigation even took place), was business partners with our across-the-street neighbors and was often at their house. One of their kids was very good friends with Tim, who was also often at their house. Another of their kids babysat for Jill Robinson and her siblings when they were at her father’s house in Birmingham.

      1. Gregory Greene’s brothers could put all the speculation to rest with a simple email
        They visited the scumbag they would know the truth.Funny that in all these years nobody in his family denied the accusations made about him.

        One other point,there are similarities in Greene’s attack on his victim and being dumped at a hospital and the way the OCCK victims were dumped in public.

        And why is it that in a time when serial killers were literally let free to walk in society was Greg put away for life,

        I bet if Greg didn’t harm those kids he knew 100% who did.


        1. Would also like to know which hairdresser Greene went to. They do amazing work in changing hairlines!

          1. John Ryan Hair Care. Hugely popular hair salon in the 1970’s in Metro Detroit.

            1. It’s one thing to do hair style but it’s another to do a scalp operation and change it back the next day. I guess anything is possible.

  6. Odd line in “Julie’s” hand-written note: “Sgt. Waldron also stated that Greene was polygraphed on the Tim King murder twice.”

    If Greene had been in jail continuously since late January of 1977 (and was unconnected to the case), then why in the world would he have been polygraphed (TWICE!) at all about a murder that occurred on March 21, 1977?

    “Julie’s” note raises my deep suspicions something is very wrong here. If she is correct, then Green was repeatedly questioned by the authorities after March 21, 1977. The authorities really, really wanted to be sure that whatever Greene had to say was the truth.

    The key here is that the authorities talked to Greene very carefully (twice!) in the days immediately after Tim’s murder and apparently reached an agreement with him.


    Although he had asked the court to lower his bond only one month earlier (February 22), Greene suddenly changed his plea from “not guilty” to “guilty” on March 30, 1977. The court then dropped the charges (whatever they were) pending before Judge Yeotis and Judge McAra in exchange for the guilty plea.

    OK, so far so good.

    But then, at sentencing on June 14, 1977, Greene got LIFE at Jackson.

    This seemingly was a surprise to him because he immediately got new counsel (Anthony Wittbrodt) and on September 7, 1977 filed a claim of appeal.

    Why did Greene immediately appeal his own guilty plea?

    Surely he must have believed he would receive a lighter sentence, right?

    I think it’s certain the authorities insinuated to his original lawyer that if Greene pled guilty to this one charge, then they would not only drop the original charges, but would go lightly with him.

    Why would the authorities do that?

    So that whatever Greene had to say about anything or anyone related to the OCCK case would never be heard in open court.

    Then they locked him up for life to make sure he couldn’t say anything to anyone about whatever he knew.

    Greg Greene did not murder Tim King. But Greene knew plenty about the people who did, and he was willing to talk. And these documents show that the authorities were determined to keep him from doing just that.

    This was a blatant cover-up, not an investigation.

      1. Of course they could have traced his car.
        Somebody did not anyone else to be able to do that easily.

        The point is that they deliberately erased his car from public scrutiny.
        Because an accurate description of Greene’s vehicle would have been a valuable lead.

        No other conclusion is possible – they didn’t white it out by “accident.”

    1. I Agree with everything you have stated here.There is only one way to find out if Greene knew or participated in these crimes (I think he was a participant) that is to speak to his brothers if they are still alive or there spouses ex girlfriends,friends etc.

      Maybe paying for relevant info on Greene would be the way to go.

      Going through the police is a waste of time,and time is running out.If we could think of an enticement to get them to speak on camera .


      1. Have you rejects not read what Catherine disclosed? Greene was in jail. Greene didn’t have the means to post bail. The suspect was a good dresser. Clean cut but with shaggy hair. Timmy King would never conversed with Greene. It was a suave, charismatic scum. A John Hastings type

        1. Name calling and other personal attacks add no value to discussions and the proffering of ideas. From my perspective they also undermine a name caller’s credibility. Let’s refrain so that we don’t lose readers!

          1. Here! Here! The venom spewed in this case long predates the more recent explosion in lack of civility in every corner of life. This causes people who have insights and something to offer to stay silent, or to email me directly (almost always asking for anonymity and/or providing only partial information which I can do nothing with except experience incredible angst). Keeping an open mind is paramount. Brooks Patterson is laughing in Hell over how the way this case was left by the OCP and the MSP created only rabbit holes and not one single answer.

      2. If the brothers and girlfriends make a 2 way tie what do we do. Let’s say 2 of them say he was in jail while the other 2 say he wasn’t. Do we split this down the middle someway? We need to plan our approach before we even get started.

  7. One other thing:

    The very first document posted here has yet another blatant example of hidden lead involving Greene.

    (I noted this on this blog several years ago, but it’s worth repeating):

    Doan wrote that after Greene was released by the authorities in California, “He then came back to Michigan, drove blue . . . ”

    The rest of the line is whited out!

    Doan had written a description of Greene’s vehicle, but someone in authority, not Doan, then redacted it!

    That was not an accident, that was not an oversight, that was not incompetence.

    That was a deliberate suppression of evidence!

    Greene’s vehicle, whatever it was, was too sensitive to see the light of day and had to be removed from a report written in 1978, long after Greene was locked up for life in Jackson!

    Greene was so central to this case that even a belated description of his car was too hot for the authorities!

    1. [Quote]
      Doan wrote that after Greene was released by the authorities in California, “He then came back to Michigan, drove blue . . . ” [Unquote]

      Seems to me if this is a cover up as you suggest that ‘blue’ and maybe the whole sentence would had been whited out instead. So much wild speculation and lots of here say.

    2. All of this ton of speculation can make a person blind and dumb very fast. It could have easily been that the writer was told by a witness that he drove a blue car but did not know the exact make so left it blank at the time. Maybe even to find out later the type of car but never followed thru on it. Very likely there are Michigan and possibly California records that would indicate the car he drove at the time if someone really wanted to know and had the resources to find out. These wild speculation off shoots sure does not help this case.

  8. Greg Greene had brown eyes. If you watch the attached video with colored portraits you will see the killer has blue eyes. Hastings, Bush and Sloan all have blue eyes.

    Go to 5 min mark on this video:

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