“Defendants have either participated in one of the most incompetent investigation[s] ever to occur . . . or they have been involved in an ongoing cover up and /or conspiracy that has continued to this date.”

My money is on door #2.

If you follow this case, you probably recall the civil rights lawsuit filed in April 2012 in federal court on behalf of Debbie Jarvis, mother of the third known victim of the OCCK, Kristine Mihelich. The lawsuit was based in part on the information provided by an anonymous source called “Bob.” You may have read news outlets’ summaries and characterization of the information provided by “Bob,” or listened to or read the lies and distortions from two fuming defendants, then Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and Chief Deputy Paul Walton.

Read the “Declaration of ‘Bob’ Anonymous Source” for yourself. It is quite conclusory, but if after considering it, you still feel confident that the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan State Police are above board, congratulations, you have some amazing blinders.

More on this lawsuit, the news coverage and the grievance Mr. Filled With Outrage filed against the plaintiff’s attorney in this case to follow. (I’ll give you some outrage, pal.)

Nine charged in sting targeting online predators

And you will never believe it but the sting focused on, of all places, the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. “The younger the better,” said one freak in his online request for a girl. Suspects quoted in this article all make the tired bullshit claims that they were just wanting to counsel or help these girls, not pay for sex.


Better sell off those bikes asap to help pay for your attorney fees.

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