Conduct that has been and is tolerated and covered up in Oakland County for more than four decades.

I am referring to the conduct of those charged with protecting society, not the Chris Buschs and Arch Sloans of the world.

Yesterday I posted the declaration of an anonymous source filed in support of a federal civil rights case by the mother of Kristine Mihelich. I started with this 2012 declaration because, as a reader pointed out, it is an excellent checklist of still unanswered questions in the OCCK case. It also names the names of some of the cast of characters who I believe are dirty in this and related cases. While I can see why a federal judge would not consider this declaration at all dispositive, it is a beautiful thing that this document is on file for posterity in a federal court docket. If you haven’t read it, go back and read it. Slowly. The entire thing.

This is the complaint, filed in federal court in the Eastern District of Michigan in April 2012. The annotations are mine.

The court deep-sixed the case, but imagine if there had finally been a prosecutor in Oakland County with a spine and some integrity, who had turned this case over to the Department of Justice without a murdered child’s mother having to file a federal lawsuit? A prosecutor who wasn’t afraid of L. Brooks Patterson (or the ghost of), Mike Bouchard/Mike McCabe, or the goons at the Michigan State Police, and who refused to participate in the ass-covering and civil suit prevention that has been going on in OC since at least 1977. A prosecutor who told these criminal civil servants to fucking get in line instead of crossing the line.

More later on the bullshit grievance filed with the Michigan State Bar by Paul Walton against the plaintiff’s attorney in this case and press coverage of the case and the dismissal of the case.

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