A number of readers have sent me questions lately (lots of questions) and I want to point out that the best way to find something on my blog is to Google catherinebroad and [fill in the blank]. For example, if you Google catherinebroad and General Motors or GM, you will be directed not only to pages from my blog, but other relevant entries concerning, for example, H. Lee Busch, General Motors and the OCCK case, from other sources.

Hardworking volunteers are working on another website about this case which will be searchable. It is tedious work, and will contain thousands of searchable PDFs. This raw, searchable, browsable data base is in progress. Until then, you are stuck using a Google search to find what you are looking for on my blog. I should have done a better job tagging posts, but I didn’t.

If you can’t open a link to a news article (usually because you have used up your free article quota for that publication or it is “subscriber only”), just Google some of the relevant information and there may be another source you can access to get the gist. For example, if you can’t open a Detroit Free Press link about a pedophile priest, Google Gary Berthiaume and arraignment. No, I won’t scan the article and email it to you. And I won’t do your homework for you, either.

Please send emails concerning this case to That is the only email address I will regularly check for correspondence concerning this case. Thanks.

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