You absolutely need to watch this YouTube channel

Check out the very hard work and comprehensive, coherent presentation of the disgusting history of Francis (Frank) Duffield Shelden and men like him (so many men like him, WTF?!) by “Sad But True” at this YouTube channel:

The channel is not monetized, Sad just wants to get the story out so that new information may come to light.

If we don’t talk about these things, they keep happening. It is a sad and as simple as that.

Sad, if someone manages to get your YouTube channel taken down I hope you will consider posting on the repository that is in the works for this case. The story is too important to let men of power and wealth and their relatives and coconspirators have one more minute of controlling the narrative here.

EXCELLENT WORK. Thank you for the time and effort.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these videos. From first hand experience, Frank Shelden was a POS. He used his power and influence to avoid justice. I can only hope that there is a special corner of Helll for pedophiles, and that Frank Shelden, and all the others are rotting there.

  2. The fact that you find these videos useful in telling this story means a great deal Catherine. I learned about this from you, my work literally started on your blog.
    One cannot say enough about the effort you have put into, and continue to put forth, for your cause. Do not give up, you are inspiring others.

    1. Thank you for all the hard work you put into researching, and producing these videos. These horrific events must not be forgotten. Hopefully some day those accountable will be brought to justice

    2. Katherine wasn’t kidding, these are extremely important videos, laying out the type of messaging, and signalling that allowed these clowns to find one another and how their network worked.

  3. great stuff – no disrespect to the great efforts but it is fr from comprehensive when the years of raping boys in India is not discussed and the connection with a missionary priest and the lookaway of the Catholic Church is omitted – Cardinl Cormac Murphy O’Connor was fully informed about Father John Robert Thwaytes in 1983 yet chose silence. Countless more abuses were the result in Boys Town Malbazar India and a world paedophile network were visiting the orphanage including Dr Frits Bernard of Netherlands. I have photos to prove it.

    1. Indeed the Boys Town Malbazar India orphanage was in effect North Fox Island Mk 2
      Isolated kids behind a high stone wall. A Catholic orphanage island in remote West Bengal run by a PIME Missionary (papal missionary sect). – the priest was ordained … guess where … Maryglade Seminary Detroit

      close mate of Frank Shelden

      1. yes it was not intended any sort of recrimination – these are awesome work – it is painful work and I value greatly what ‘sad’ has done.

  4. The depths of this goes beyond comprehension. From the CIA to the Boy Scouts!!!
    The murdered and vanished victims along with the vast amount that were raped and tortured is probably on a scale we can’t begin to measure. The ways children were targeted and preyed upon is sickening. To think you’re sending your child to a better place to become a better person and then learn of the crimes that were inflicted upon them…I can even.
    The worst thing of all has to be how these pricks got away, paid by the state and feds for operations, tax exempt, and then so many never even charged for their heinous crimes. This seems so unfuckenbelivable! These poors kids never had a chance up against the hierarchy that violated their every being.

    1. When YouTube does take these videos down, or if they monetize them, I will attempt to load them onto a site called “altcensored”. From what I can tell, this site allows users to download videos for free, without having to sign up or become a member.
      Catherine, if you would email me, I would be happy to send you copies of all four videos for your repository.

      I would like to share something the readers of this blog may find informative. Many people are aware that Francis Shelden was able to gain citizenship in the Netherlands, even as a wanted fugitive from America. You may be surprised to know how this was achieved.
      Shelden signed over North Fox Island to Europe’s most well known “pedophile advocate”, Edward Brongersma.
      Brongersma was convicted for sex with a minor in 1950, when he was 39 years old. North Fox Island has literally been owned by 2 pedophiles in it’s history.
      Here are the court documents:

      In order for this to occur, the courts in Michigan worked with Shelden as a known fugitive. A fugitive who did unspeakable things to the children of Michigan.

      1. Sad, use my encrypted email at Many thanks.

        With the help of attorneys like L. Bennett Young, of Birmingham, MI, and the judges and courts in the documents you provide links to, it is beyond clear that Shelden was able to invoke the US legal system to help himself financially yet evade any criminal responsibility. His nieces and nephews who presumably inherited his wealth all took evil blood money. A pox on all of them. Shelden had to have been the biggest purveyor of child porn in the world at that time, and probably for a long time. And we know he raped many, many boys during the course of his adult life. I believe he also was responsible for murder. Life is disposable to a monster like Shelden. A wealthy monster (the worst kind) who was operating in plain sight and with the help of attorneys. It is mind-boggling.

        1. One thing to note from the deposition posted above by Sad is that Shelden could not cash in certain assets while there was an active arrest warrant for him in the U.S. and he was well aware of that.
          That was the reason his trust fund was formed, to shelter his money from being confiscated by the authorities.
          He estimated the net worth of these trust fund assets at around $2 million in 1977.

          Shelden’s questionable death in 1996 was only reported by Hakim Bey (Dyer Grossman), not exactly a very reliable source.
          And sure enough, based on this flimsy “evidence”, the State of Michigan cancelled the warrant 1 year later.
          I suspect L. Bennett Young aided greatly in this process.
          If Shelden was still alive in 1997, he could now cash out those assets to live comfortably in his new home (France?).
          Gaining access to this money could of been a prime motive for him to fake his death.

          1. If Shelden was still alive in 1997 he would likely have revisited India where he had been regularly abusing boys in the Malbazar orphanage and he had no reason to stop – he was ‘under the wire’ – no one cared a damn at that time. I think his death is likely accurate 1996

  5. Thanks, Sad, for an excellent documentary. You mentioned above about Shelden’s escape to the Netherlands and the complicity of the US legal system in helping him evade arrest. Upon arrival Shelden changed his name to Frank Torey and became the Executive Editor of PAN: A Magazine About Boy-Love from 1979 to 1984.

    In the first issue of PAN, Shelden/Torey gave the following advice to any pedophiles who were considering fleeing the US, and becoming “sexual fugitives” from the repressive norms of American society:

    “(A) sexual fugitive can be relatively safe and free from heavy social discrimination. Let us examine the steps one would take more closely. Current U.S. passports run for five years, and can be extended, through an embassy, for another three. If you don’t have a passport already, get one, and then keep renewing it so that it always has at least 3 years of validity remaining. Most likely, if you are a fugitive, the U.S. State Department will cancel your passport, but, if you are careful with border crossings, and avoid air travel altogether, this is unlikely to be detected for some time. . .
    Deciding where to go may call for some extended world traveling. . . Sweden and The Nether- lands have no extradition treaties with the U.S. covering sexual offenses. Sri Lanka, too, would seem to be safe, as would several North African countries, and Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.
    Cash and other assets in the U.S. cannot legally be impounded just because you are a fugitive, but they can quickly become worthless to you. Anyone moving money to you outside the U.S. can be imprisoned for ‘aiding and abetting’ a fugitive. Banks and stockbrokers will be very reluctant to transfer cash. So, before you get in trouble, build up a nest egg where the U.S. authorities can’t threaten the people who handle it.
    A couple of points to keep in mind. If a civil judgement is brought against you, this could be enforced through most banks in most countries, so it is probably wise to break the chain of record somewhere outside the U.S. by making additional physical cash transfers. Also it is tempting to place your assets in an offshore trust company, but most of these firms are not very responsible and some are run by outright criminals. It is always better to have complete control over your own funds.
    If you don’t already have a lawyer who knows that you are a sexually active pedophile, get one immediately. When you receive ‘that midnight knock on the door’ you will be in no state to grapple with the problem of selecting a lawyer who might be sympathetic but might not after you drop your surprise in is lap. And often police allow you only one phone call.” (PAN, Issue #1, June 1979, p. 21).

    1. Indeed. You will notice that Edward Brongersma was given his own column, “Boy Caught”. Hakim Bey is a regular contributor as well.
      There is a great deal more to Shelden’s story. I am working on getting the entire story out.

      1. I did, indeed. A couple of other observations:
        It’s interesting that the #18 issue of PAN (May 1984) was delayed because Shelden had been on a “long-scheduled vacation trip abroad.” I wonder what that was all about?
        And that in the last issue, #21 (Dec. 1985) the editor John Stamford states that a number of people had been “removed” from the newsletter for “grave reasons,” and that it was regrettable that Shelden/Tory “has chosen to associate himself” with them by hiring them for his new venture, the Acolyte Press. Then, Stamford adds without further clarification, “PAN is not into child pornography.” I take the to mean that Acolyte Press was.
        Shelden’s is a story that just has to be examined, and I do look forward to reading, seeing/hearing what more you find out about him. Thanks for everything you’re doing!

        1. Mary, I greatly appreciate you posting these texts in PAN. I want to look into these things but I also do not want to come across something that I cannot un-see.
          I think there is a great deal to learn from them as far as how key players remained connected through the new press “Frank Torery” started up.
          What an interesting note it is that the recently-deceased Peter Lamborn Wilson wrote a back-cover blurb for Kevin Esser’s “Dance of the Warriors” published through “Frank’s” new Netherlands press. Should anyone be under the impression that Wilson and Torery had not met before Torery was in the Netherlands? Please share more if you can. Thanks again.

        2. Hmmm..that is an odd statement by Stamford, since everything published by Acolyte Press was made for a vile specific audience anyway. So, a falling-out in this crew concerning how far is too far in titles published? Could Stamford have meant that it was very risky for Frank to surround himself with people from the Michigan crew again that could have blown the cover for everyone?

      2. Sad, thank you so much for your efforts.
        Detailing Shelden’s activities and crimes during the years he lived in the Netherlands
        Is long overdue.

        A couple points on Edward Brongersma.
        At this time, he was the Dutch equivalent of a U.S. senator and also a member of P.I.E. (pedophile information exchange ). This was the organization that published PAN.
        He was the chairman of their senate Judiciary Committee.
        A very powerful politician and a great ally for Shelden to have, especially at this time when the Netherlands and the U.S. were working on a new, revised extradition treaty that now would cover sex crimes.

        I’m not sure Brongersma was sold N. Fox Island.
        He was appointed Trustee of Shelden’s trust fund when Shelden removed Adam Starchild. This Trust fund did not include the Island.
        My understanding is that the affairs of N. Fox Island were run by Shelden’s brother Alger after Frank fled the country.
        The island was sold to real estate developer David Johnson in 1990 who later sold it to the state of Michigan in 2000.

    2. UGH…well in case anyone picked up the first issue of Sheldon’s newsletter and still wasn’t clear on the type of advice and services offered, he goes intro extreme detail right off the bat to help others in the same legal predicament he found himself in.

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