Another photo of Frank Shelden

Thank you to a reader who found this photo of Frank Shelden–the only one I have ever seen where the guy does not have on a hat. It is dated 1972, and the middle initial is incorrect, but this is the Fox Island Shelden. In his early/mid-forties in this shot:

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  1. I have no words to describe my hatred for this man. The lives he ruined, the innocence he stole can never be replaced. He and his associates ruined so many lives. What makes it all worse is that those we expect, and trust to protect us, failed to do so. It is said money can’t buy happiness, but in Oakland County it can buy freedom. Maybe some day the stories of the victims and their families will be heard, but too many of us are being silenced.

  2. Thank you for sharing this picture. I can now say with 100% certainty that it was Frank Shelden that I encountered.

  3. All the photos I have are original images taken by, and given to me by one of Frank’s fellow paedophiles.
    He is not wearing a hat except in one of them.
    He is holding Indian children in Malbazar India where he traveled while a fugitive from justice, to be guest of the Roman Catholic priest who appears in some of the photos, on whose camera also, all the photos were seemingly taken. The paedophile priest gave me the images never realising (as I never did ) that one day the truth would become known to me, of the sordid evil past.

    Francis D Shelden and DR Frits Bernard and others regularly travelled to Malbazar to meet at the Boys Town Mal orphanage and Caesar School where they would ‘use’ multiple boys with the priests in orgies, and with Indian men including men who were allegedly abusing orphans and student with these groups of tourists.

    This includes men who now are Trustees of the dead priest who was never brought to justice – that is to say, to this day, India has never responded to the reported crimes – India does not like to hear or acknowledge Male child sexual abuse matters. This is the predominant crime in child sexual abuse in India, and yet India refuses to acknowledge it. So when a group of men from Europe and UK descended on the orphanage and school, the Indian authorities refused to take the report, except on payments of significant sums of money, yet even then police and government officials have looked away. I have substantial reason to believe the priest is a solid suspect in the Oakland County Child killings. At the very least his DNA should be examined. I have battle of five years to try to get some attention. In India, in the UK, in the USA and in Australia, to no avail. I have evidence of the priest involved in murder and concealment of bodies in India, of Indian people. But the corruption and apathy is breathtaking. School of approximately 2500 children, the Caesars school, remains in the control of the same gain of Indian thieves and paedophiles which formed as a result of the priest and his cohort. The legacy of Frank lives on. These men are dead but their crime is still alive. And reproducing. I have maximum information that needs to be examined but nobody seems interested. My life is ending. Probably soon. It Has taken six years for me to pull this altogether and it may have absolutely no relevance finally. But there are living paedophiles running the orphanage and school. In fact they have thrown out the orphans, because they are not profitable, but they are running a big school and children are in danger. To this very day. And to this day the National commission in India for the protection of children, has virtually refused my contact, has passed the matter on to the public service, who have conspired with the local Indians to continually suppressed this case. As they did in 1996. As the Catholic Church did in 1983 when the brother of the priest, still living, reported to an infamous cardinal, about shocking materials he had found which prove his brother was a paedophile. I have substantial records. I’m trying to write a book but it’s a very heavy burden.

  4. this is wild to me that Shelden was involved in some kind of suit with John Tanton. Two of the most depraved sickos in this state’s history. incredible find

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