Interlochen, Jeffrey Epstein and other connections.

From a reader:

I’m responding to your 30-Nov post “Woman Recalls” that discusses Epstein’s connection to Interlochen [], but because I’ve included a couple of attachments, I’m sending it to you for posting, if you think it’s relevant or interesting.

Robert Lieber from Birmingham was on bond for sexually assaulting a boy in 1977.  He then committed another sexual assault on another boy and was arrested.  He had met the second victim at Interlochen Music Camp where he was a “counselor” of some kind. 

Upon is arrest, the OCCK Task Force pounced on him, but dismissed him as a suspect when, you guessed it, he passed a polygraph.

I don’t know if Robert is/was related to Margery Lieber, but she was at the time, and continues to be, a major donor and Interlochen board member.  And I don’t know if he’s related to Robert Lieber who died in 1987, but he was a General Motors employee.  

Thanks to this reader.

4 thoughts on “Interlochen, Jeffrey Epstein and other connections.”

  1. I used to go to Interlochen for band camp in the late 80s. Very woodsy area.

  2. Bob Lieber lived across the street from us on Cummings In Berkley growing up in the 60’s/70’s, where my dad was a detective. Yes, Leiber was a known pedophile/counselor. There were always young teenage boys hanging around his house. Lieber gave my brother a pornography magazine one time. When my dad found out he took it over to Liebers house, walked in the house, punched Lieber in the face & told him to never come near his kids again.

    Later, when I was working the OCCK case I remember seeing a large file on Lieber in the OCCK room at MSP.


    1. Did Frank Shelden have anything to do with Interlochen? I doubt Epstein was their first and only predator working under the guise of philanthropy.

  3. There’s an 80 year old Robert J. Lieber living in Grand Rapids, seems likely that it’s him. Even more likely is this creep’s connections to the usual suspects in the metro Detroit pedo circles.

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