Ghislaine Maxwell: Sex Trafficking Verdict and the Prince Andrew Case – Rolling Stone

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10 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell: Sex Trafficking Verdict and the Prince Andrew Case – Rolling Stone”

  1. Pedophile Andrew is only one of many that should be shaking in their boots. It would’ve nice if she had started naming everyone involved with Epstein’s Island of horror. Maybe one day all those involved will have their days in Court, but as we all know they mostly hide behind their shield of money, and not the truth. Lady Justice is blinded by the rich and influential

  2. I predict Ms. Maxwell will have an ill timed death while in prison about the time she gets sick of the room accommodations and food, and THEN be willing to name names in exchange for some adjusted sentence and conditions, perhaps to one of those Federal Tennis Court prisons. She must have already hinted at some names and dates, and the acts they did with minors on Epstein’s pedophile island. It really is a golden opportunity for some aspiring or established journalist to get in there quick and early to have her unload any temping info she claims to have or have already revealed to authorities. Otherwise, I hope she rots in prison. As far as I am concerned her jury was generous in not convicting her on all counts, but those they did find GUILTY should land her in prison for the remainder of her life.

    1. Patrick, I agree.

      Maxwell will never testify in court about the powerful people she and Epstein snared in their traps. She and Epstein were undoubtedly financed and guided by intelligence agencies as part of sophisticated operations to blackmail rich and politically powerful (and STUPID) men.

      I predict a deal will be struck between Maxwell and her superiors to keep her mouth shut – they will connive a way to get her out of prison soon.

      (Of course, if they can’t find a way to do that, they will kill her, especially if they fear she s about to crack.)

      Either way, she will never divulge what she knows (and it sure won’t be to some journalist!)

      She and Epstein were once very valuable assets to those unnamed intelligence agencies, but no longer. Maxwell and Epstein are now threats to those agencies.

      (I agree with the previous comment that Epstein’s death itself is by no means certain. Somebody died and was autopsied, but was it really Epstein? I don’t know. In this case, nothing is certain.)

      So, either those unnamed intelligence agencies bust Maxwell out, one way or another, or she’s dead.

      She will not rot for the next 30 years in a prison cell (even though she richly deserves that!)

  3. Everyone who has never faced the thorny issues of statutes of limitation, failure of law enforcement and prosecutors to act, and the relentless actions of attorneys for endlessly wealthy clients, thinks civil lawsuits are just for a big pay day. Wrong. Sometimes this is the only way to find accountability. And trust me, no amount of money can restore to this woman what was taken from her.

  4. Last night Fox News had a good interview with Mike Baden. He feels Jeff Epstein’s hanging was a homicide, not suicide. The original ME report was over ruled by her supervisor.

    1. A couple of times now I’ve heard the BBC news avoid saying ‘suicide’ in favor of ‘found dead in his cell, etc.’ I do believe he’s dead but I have my doubts about Frank Shelden and Adam Starchild.

  5. A strong solute to the many witnesses and their determination for coming forward with their sensitive, personal and powerful testimonies against Ms. Maxwell and associates. The witnesses is what makes it possible in a case like that. Being a witness is not easy especially when it goes against the common beliefs. Really wish more witnesses would come forward on the OCCK case to reveal who was all really involved and what exactly took place. But then again, who in authority has ever paid attention to any of it anyway?

    1. So much courage exhibited by the victims in the Maxwell case. And the key work of journalist Julie K. Brown for the Miami Herald meant exposing and doggedly pursuing Epstein, Maxwell and the other bad actors, including former U.S. Attorney for FL, Alex Acosta (later US Transportation under trump administration–his reward for that dirty and inexplicable nonprosecution agreement with Epstein).

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