Charles Pugh released from prison: ‘What I did was wrong’

“What I did was wrong,” Pugh admitted to the Detroit Free Press in\u00a0an interview in prison\u00a0shortly before his release.
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Better keep an eye on this criminal. Less than six years? Gets out the very earliest day possible under his sentence? Think he will play by the rules? If two victims came forward, odds are there were more. This sexual predator gets to “restart” his life.

4 thoughts on “Charles Pugh released from prison: ‘What I did was wrong’”

  1. No Charles, what you did was abhorrent, and evil. You got of easy, and there is no doubt in my mind that you’re only sorry that you got caught. Not for your actions. Your actions destroyed young men’s lives. These boys will never forget your hurt and pain you caused

  2. There was at least one family that sent their kid to be “mentored” by Pugh knowing exactly what to expect, in hopes of extorting/blackmailing him. They thought it was no big deal because their kid was gay. Despicable but I don’t think anyone was charged besides Pugh.

    1. Selling your kid out in hopes of a payday, is sickening. If that is true, then the parents should have been charged. Every time I think humanity has sunk to its lowest levels, I’m proven wrong by actions that are unfathomable.

      1. Judianne Densen-Gerber warned, way back in the day, about parental involvement in “the child-sex trade” and providing “models” for child sexual abuse images specifically. She had the prescience to foresee impending disaster, because some of her patients/residents/clients in the Odyssey House community were heroin addicts with small children. How easily they could be manipulated by pervert-dealers, you understand. I won’t put the link in here, but if you search; New York Times “Panel Told of Parent Involvement in Child‐Sex Trade”, you’ll find it.

        This continues to be a problem, right into our times. Several recent cases, last 10-20 years, of drug-addicted parents’ children being exploited (I could provide links for Cathy if she’s interested).

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