“I love it when you say that.”

Another example of the fox guarding the hen house in a Michigan institution:


Wouldn’t talk with victims of prolific predator and team/university health doc Robert Anderson. https://catherinebroad.blog/2021/10/10/victim-of-dr-robert-anderson-is-picketing-the-home-of-u-of-m-president-24-7/. Too busy emailing his latest subordinate conquest. Go Blue!

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  1. Just this past summer, he overhauled U of M’s sexual misconduct policy and added a section that prohibited consensual relationships between supervisors and subordinates. In firing him, the Board not only was following the letter of the policy that he advocated, but the zero tolerance spirit of it as well. If rules apply only to others, then he was a scandal waiting to happen. Good riddance.

    • Thanks for boiling it down, Mary. I was surprised how many comments in the NYT and WAPO lamented the fact that this poor 64-year-old man couldn’t just fall in love at work and send goofy emails on the work server to the new love of his life, who happened to be a person who worked for him. How many decades have corporations (and presumably even ivory tower institutions) had sexual harassment trainings with the obvious message: You will not only screw an underling, you will screw over your employer $$$ and therefore all of your coworkers. At least, unlike the FBI, they didn’t just let this guy “move on” or “retire” with full benefits.

      • Oh, he won’t hurt too much, methinks. He’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement of some kind, and leave the university with more change in his pocket than most of us will see in a lifetime. And public memory for details is short. He’ll soon be giving speeches, at $20,000 a pop, on how the #MeToo movement or the ‘Woke’’ movement turns private matters into public problems, or maybe he’ll become a commentator on Higher Ed for Fox News. He’ll soon control the narrative. Few people, and even fewer institutions, take sexual harassment seriously anyway—it’s just that the latter have to sometimes appear to do so. This rant brought to you by someone who’s conducted one sexual harassment training too many 🥴

        • Sigh. Yes, I’m sure you know the scenario all too well. These men never crawl under a rock where they belong. They always resurface and try to control or rewrite the narrative and are supported by those who have pulled the same shit, or some version of it, along the way. Professor Julie Macfarlane’s book Going Public (2020) addresses the monumental institutional failures that protect university professors and administrators who break the basic rules and worse. Uphill battle. I wonder if he has daughters or granddaughters.

  2. I spoke with a guy named Michael Muhammed Knight, a would-be biographer of Hakim Bey. He says that, yes, Bey was in Iran during the periods he says he was in Iran. There is documented evidence to prove it. He worked for numerous newspapers while he was there and translated/wrote a couple of books.

    Also, Frank Shelden moved to Amsterdam and became Frank Torrey.

    There is really no way Dyer Grossman is the same person as Hakim Bey.

    But I think the search for Dyer Grossman should be a much higher priority. That story creeps me out. He never left America. It seems to me that the lengths he’s gone to to avoid incarceration is probably the most fascinating part of the story.

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