Victim of Dr. Robert Anderson is picketing the home of U of M president 24/7

Jon Vaughn, who played football for U of M until 1991 and was a victim of sports doc/sexual predator and assaulter Dr. Robert Anderson is picketing 24 hours a day in front of the home of U of M President Mark Schlissel. Vaughn won’t leave until Schlissel and the U of M Board of Regents talk with him and other victims of Anderson. He expressed hope that the victims and school officials could have a real conversation that moves toward reconciliation.

This is an amazing story. Really, is it asking too much for the president and the regents to meet with survivors of the monster that was enshrined in the U of M sports medicine department for decades? Bring your legal counsel along if you can’t handle it on your own, even after rising to the levels you have in academia. Although Schlissel has just announced plans to step down, Vaughn said he should be part of the conversation because he “has been less than transparent” during the school’s handling of the allegations against Anderson. Does anyone know the address of Mark Schlissel’s home in Ann Arbor?

People want the big job, the prestige of being a trustee, the Ivory Tower teflon, but none of the tough stuff like dealing with entrenched institutional protection of sexual predators. Really poor examples to the students who pay huge dollars to attend a school like U of M.

No one has called Jon Vaughn tortured or bitter. He is asking for legitimate consideration and his method is very powerful. After we spoke publicly in the OCCK case in 2009, “tortured and bitter” became a mantra of law enforcement and those who support them–forget it, those people are just tortured and bitter. Got dealt a bad hand, get over it, move on.

In 2006 my family learned of and came forward with information that led to the discovery of the long-buried names and files of Christopher Brian Busch and Gregory Woodard Greene. In 2009 we rang the bell after the Michigan State Police and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office heaped on the obstructionist behavior and condescension. We came forward at great cost and pain, naively believing that someone in Oakland County or the state police would do the right thing. Instead, they shut down Wayne County and Livonia Det./Sgt. Cory Williams and then headed straight for us.

Yeah, we’ll meet with you losers (2009). But we won’t answer a single question and y’all can cool your heels in a conference room for 40 minutes–one bugged with a recording device. Now you can go fuck yourselves because this is still an “open investigation” and while you’re at it, quit talking to the press. You’ll get what you’ve come to expect in your son’s murder case: Nothing.

Yes, it was at great cost; we were ridiculed, gaslighted and fucked with, it didn’t move the needle, it stirred up a bunch of awful shit and so far has accomplished nothing.

We never questioned the job police and prosecutors did for 30 years. On the scale of things, knowing what we know now, just pretending the OCP and the MSP did everything they could and not having to put a face, let alone numerous faces, to these horrific crimes worked for us. “At the end of the day, they didn’t get their criminally insane, lone “babysitter” killer, but it was too hard!! and at least somehow the killings stopped!”

Of course eventually the package the OCP and a few at the MSP thought they had tied up with a bow exploded because eventually stuff like this always does. Rich pedophile son of a rich pedophile. “Suicide.” Death scene diorama that screamed “I’m the OCCK!” “The killer is probably dead or incarcerated or was institutionalized by a family protecting their good name.” No worries, the streets are once again safe for kids and teen hitch hikers!

All the bullshit that is now exposed and leaving us far more tormented than we were before. That’s what the last 15 years got us. Or is that our fault, too?

As one of my brothers recently said, the most heartbreaking part was learning that that the Busch stuff went down before Tim was abducted and murdered. That’s when shit got really real for us. And of course no one would talk to us about it. Excuses all the way around. Redactions and lies.

That’s why I like Jon Vaughn’s style. “‘This is just the beginning,’ he said Saturday, ‘I’m going to stay as long as it takes.'” There is another house in Ann Arbor I should go picket relentlessly owned by a man who has been “less than transparent” in the OCCK investigation and who, statistically speaking, doesn’t have that many years left to come clean.

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  1. Robin says:

    I like Jon Vaugh’s style too!

    Bringing attention and putting the heated spotlight on these enablers should be the least of their worries.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Catherine this is all so heartbreaking and disgusting looking from the outside in.I cannot possibly imagine or fathom the anger and frustration that your family and you and others have had to deal with. Makes me cringe when I think of how dark the underbelly of the so called ‘good guys’ can possibly be. You have my prayers and continued support!

  3. David says:

    So many people, so many scars. Some wounds are deeper than others, and the pain is greater, but everyone should be heard. Ignoring the issues won’t make it go away. We must follow the lead of you, and your family. Become more vocal. Let those that have hidden behind closed doors, hoping that we will just go away, that we are here, and only going to get louder. Power and wealth isn’t an excuse any longer to hide the facts. Institutions, such as U-M, can’t sweep these allegations under the rug. Jon Vaugn, and the other victims deserve to be heard. I find it ironic, when MSU was facing the Nasser allegations, U-M held a holier than thou attitude. Now that they face their own sexual assault allegations, they bury their head in the sand. Engage in victim shaming, and hide behind closed doors. MSU fired people. What exactly has U-M done?

    • Anonymous says:


      John Vaughn is a real hero.
      He was a very good football player for Michigan who would be well known about by most of their fans.
      The University is going to have a hard time sweeping this under the carpet and passing him off as some kind of crackpot.

      • Dot Voght says:

        I watched the program on Dr. Phil….Joh Vaughn is a hero for coming out with all this. I love this guy …such courage. I am appalled how they were treated and the dr. got away with it….others knew what was going on and should be held accountable. I am just a small nobody in this big world but Jon’s story broke my heart…love and hugs to all of you

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