At least they are consistent

Quite a few readers sent me this link. I wasn’t going to post it, because it is such a soft ball, so consistent, so obvious, so maddening. But I reread it today and I am posting it:

Total whistleblower case. Sadly, not only will this man be blackballed but he and his family members will probably be pulled over on Michigan highways for the rest of time. Maybe he should team up with the private investigator from Birmingham who, unlike the state police and other agency divers, was not too afraid to get out on the Red Cedar River with a goddamn saw and an underwater camera last week.

Some brave investigative journalist in Michigan should [try to] write a long, long story about the history and culture of the Michigan State Police and how they retaliate against those who dare to cross the thin blue line as well as citizens who dare to ask questions about investigations.

Children of the Snow is back on Hulu and ID. If you haven’t watched this two-part documentary about the OCCK case, check it out. Ask yourself how you would feel if your brother’s murder case was locked in a MSP file cabinet. Someone who recently watched the documentary made this observation: “It is truly bewildering there wasn’t a single cop with a conscience, who could have at any time slipped an anonymous note in one of your mailboxes, in the middle of the night, naming names. Cowardice comes to mind.”

Yeah, it does.

4 thoughts on “At least they are consistent”

  1. Cathy- I have a question concerning one of the documents you posted on your July 2018 blog. Can you please contact me offline?

  2. So true-there has to be SOMEONE still alive with a conscience out there !! Just send an anonymous note for God’s sake. Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim deserve at least that!!

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