Florida deputy who died in 2008 suspected in 1983 murder of 11-year-old girl

A former deputy who died almost 14 years ago is the main suspect in a nearly 40-year-old cold case involving the kidnapping and murder of a Florida girl.
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3 responses to “Florida deputy who died in 2008 suspected in 1983 murder of 11-year-old girl”

  1. It sounds like the good cop that don’t like bad cops left out the part about good cops remaining silent in order that bad cops don’t turn them in for their deeds. That may be the case in the OCCK though there were likley good cops back then, they didn’t know how deep the rabbit hole went and chose to only guard it.

    Even the “expert” cold case detectives today steer away from your case. Makes me curious at times.

  2. Richard McNamee. Reputed creep police office for Bloomfield Hills Police Department. First on site for the Chris Busch supposed suicide. To me, he looks like the drawing sketch from eye witness testimony Doug Wilson as the older man in the car outside the drug store. The other suspect looks so much like John Hastings from Wilson’s acoount.

    Is anybody looking into McNamee?

  3. The only photo Ive seen of RMcN has him bald. That wouldnt match the Wilson sketch, though I dont know the exact date of that photo.

    Does someone have a verified late 70ies photo of McN ?

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