Before I post more documents, I repeat it again–this case and the investigations literally shock the conscience. At almost every page there is something that is appalling on its face or appalling for the failures, the lack, and in the end, the ultimate deception. If you have made it through the most recent posts you have a real sense of how ignorant, self-serving men put their spin and narrative on these most heinous crimes. The woman who tells police she saw my brother standing next to what she thinks was a blue Gremlin (and maybe it was) turns into “we are looking for a man driving a blue Gremlin.” (Better an AMC ride than a GM ride, right Motown?). A “vicious sexual assault” turns into a molestation. (Don’t panic the Oakland County constituents who think because they live north of 8 Mile, nothing bad will befall them.)

It is like getting clocked with a 2 x 4. The dynamic duo of Berkley cops Ray Anger and Jim Cox showing up early in the Mihelich investigation. The same two cops who give a little kid the beat down for trying to tell the task force he saw Kristine leaving the 7-11 parking lot with a cop. And then, voila–a witness appears saying he saw Kristine walking down the road from 7-11. Did you know the witness was a real punk-ass kid, not some observant adult? I think this great witness all the police love to use to refute the claims of the younger witness was a young teen (at most) and was known to be less than reliable among some neighbors. Yet police love to trot out that statement any time Kristine’s abduction is mentioned.

Mark Wayno, a friend and neighbor of Mark, is one of the pall bearers for his funeral. The kid who, even after two more kids get murdered within a 10-mile radius, allegedly ran away from home and spent two nights in a shopping mall before returning home.

That was the week that Greg Greene, Chris Busch, and representatives of the Oakland County prosecutor’s office were convening a polygraph-fest in Flint. Sadly, it looks like Mark passed away six months ago at age 57. If the story was anything more nefarious, I am quite sure he would have been threatened with death if he told anyone.

Then there are the now very obvious weasel words Paul Walton used in his 2012 response to a FOIA request made by the Detroit Free Press. Words like “currently in the possession of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office,” and “[t]hese are the only autopsy reports in the possession of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office” (meaning not Kristine’s information). We now know that Cooper and Walton offloaded a bunch of OCCK files to Sheriff Mike Bouchard, to shield them from any future more successful FOIA challenges. And, we know that a good reason Kristine’s file was “missing” was because it contained, among other disturbing entries, this transcript of Dr. Robert Sillery’s dog and pony show designed to walk back his initial report of semen and propose this interesting possibility of how that darn sperm ended up where it did:

(February 3, 1977–the date of the dog and pony show, puts this bullshit discourse on the heels of Greg Greene’s final polygraph on February 1 and Chris Busch being back on the streets after that major hassle at the Flint PD. Patterson knew he had to control the narrative and keep his constituents from asking too many questions or expecting too much, circumstances being what they were and all. Patterson certainly could not have his constituents knowing the real story of what was happening under his watch. Sillery would play ball–you know he would. See

Walton also claims to provide the copy of the Oakland County’s file on Chris Busch’s CSC charges–no mention of exemptions or omissions–yet he does not include the page showing who signed out this file to take a gander at it, and when:

I expect to have to think like a snake when dealing with a guy like private polygrapher Larry Wasser. But having to think like a snake when dealing with a prosecutor–that took some getting used to. But trust me, I am long there, and Walton and Cooper merely fell into the pattern established in this case in January 1977 by L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson. And I am certainly not the only person who thinks Patterson was dirty.

When I say “think like a snake,” I mean, when you filed a FOIA request with Cooper’s office, you had to figure she would offload documents and file the request with the sheriff’s office, too. But, despite the fact that these documents (some still to be posted) reflect active participation by the sheriff’s office post-2015, including shit on their letterhead, they responded to my FOIA request of a few months ago that they had NO RECORDS in the OCCK case and go try the MSP (right). Maybe Sheriff Bouchard uses a shredder rather than a file cabinet or cloud storage for all things OCCK.

Read these case documents and think about how quickly the OCCK case was shelved, the bullshit excuses, the “no leads,” the “no evidence!,” and ask yourself how some of these people live(d) with themselves. They knew these four kids were betrayed by not only their captors. They knew there would not be justice for these kids. And they betrayed the victims and the community yet again when this name, Christopher Busch finally became known by the public after more than three decades in police and prosecutor files, and the office of Cooper and Walton took active steps to derail the investigation yet again. And those of you who knew back then watched it all happen again, on steroids, as families and friends of the victims realized in 2007 that something had gone very wrong the last week of January 1977 and that all energy was used by those at the top to make this case go away for good, not to ever solve it. This treachery has stood firm since 1977, despite the efforts of Cory Williams and Wayne County. A pox on all of you who participated in the treachery, then and now.

Before I move on to post the documents from the file TIM KING, which merits some additional commentary (like, who lived at 3340 Bloomcrest Drive, Bloomfield Hills, near the intersection of Squirrel Road and Long Lake, in 1977?), I will close with this piece of writing a friend sent me about betrayal. Better writer than me, by a mile, and much smarter. I would attribute, but they would not want to be named. It is relevant enough to the treatment of the OCCK victim’s families in this case:

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