On June 19, 2012, reporter Kevin Dietz filed a FOIA request for “[a] copy of the Christopher Busch CSC file that we reviewed in your office on Monday, June 18, 2012.” Recall that then OCP Jessica Cooper had denied these documents to my dad in response to his FOIA request and ran him up and down the Oakland County judicial system and the Michigan appellate court system, who all played ball with Cooper. But hand these documents over to a reporter or two? Sure, why not. Cooper responded three days later that Mr. Dietz could have the requested documents, minus a “confidential case evaluation,” for a cost of $48.40. Subsequently, Cooper was required to provide these selectively pulled and illegally redacted documents to my dad. Last time I checked, redacting dates and signatures with white-out would seem to violate at least the spirit if not the letter of FOIA laws.

On October 15, 2012, Prosecutor Cooper’s chief deputy Paul Walton responded within five days to a FOIA request from Lori Brasier at the Detroit Free Press.

The response to the “forth” request is of particular interest. The OCP claims the only autopsy reports in the possession of the OCP are those of Mark, Jill and Tim. Weird, huh? This means that by this date, Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton had moved the many files in the OCCK case to the possession of the Oakland County Sheriff, where they sat, safe from any prying eyes or FOIA requests, until long after Cooper was voted out office. And you will see why they specifically wanted to keep eyes off of Kristine’s file when you read the documents below. The selective, illegally redacted documents provided in response to these two FOIA requests, pale in comparison to the hiding of the rest of the OCCK files and the probable shredding of documents in this case before Cooper left her perch for good.

I am so pissed after reading these documents. We don’t have Kristine’s autopsy info [that’s with our buddy Mike Bouchard] but we do have a brand new affidavit from liar forensics man David Metzger who has suddenly remembered what he forgot to note 34 years ago when he had the evidence from the Busch suicide right in front of him!! Wow, Paul, thanks for refreshing my recollection.

Take a look for yourself. “Nothing to see here,” right? And tell me it was just happenstance that the OCP claimed to have three of the kids’ autopsy protocols and notes, but not Kristine’s. The very case where L. Brooks Patterson assigned his assistant prosecutor Ed Sosnick to oversee the autopsy (when does that ever happen?) and where Brooksie brought in the flashy, but ultimately useless, magic fingerprint expert from Ottawa. So sickening. But not to worry, Patterson would shove this case off on the MSP as fast as he could once things got problematic. Like, another kid gets abducted and killed, problematic.

Check out m. 27, below. Motherfucking Dr. Robert “Don’t tell the Press” Sillery. Did every single person in authority Oakland County during that era have to be an utter POS?

Extremely eye-opening and disturbing.

FOIA documents to follow. Eye-opening, heart-breaking, would have helped FFS, since the police weren’t going to do anything with this withheld and conflicting info. Please comment here, rather than sending me an email. I will never be able to keep up and if you comment here, others can weigh in. Don’t run it through me, comment on the blog. I have seen enough to know that eyes on these documents will help. There is just so much that was twisted, withheld and missed. Right here for your eyes.

In the order received. If you want an orderly presentation, it won’t happen in a FOIA response, certainly not in this case. Files in the Robinson, Mihelich, Stebbins and King cases–in that order. More to follow.

Remember, appears in the order I received. Comment here not to me via email. And, IANYS–I am not your secretary. Finally–a warning–disturbing content from start to finish.