20-Year-Old College Student Helps Crack 58-Year-Old Pennsylvania Cold Case

The fourth oldest cold case in the country has been solved nearly 60 years later. Marise Chiverella was 9 when she was kidnapped on her way to school in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, in March 1964. Eric Schubert, a 20-year-old college student helped crack the case using his genealogy expertise. He has been studying genealogy since he was 10 years old. Using new technology, investigators identified Marise’s killer as James Forte, who died in 1980. Inside Edition Digital’s Leigh Scheps has more.
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Ray Anger’s Suspect, David Norberg

I am going to resist the urge to heavily editorialize with these next files. Recall that Kristine Mihelich lived in Berkley, MI, and Ray Anger was a police officer with Berkley PD at the time of her abduction and for many years afterward. The following documents trace the path of Anger’s investigation into suspect David Norberg, whose body was ultimately exhumed from a grave in Recluse, Wyoming in 1999. Anger had been massaging the Norberg lead for at least four years at that point. Spoiler alert, the DNA did not match and the OCCK case quickly receded again from media interest or real inquiry.

This part of the saga again highlights the narrative Michigan law enforcement and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office tried to shove down everyone’s throat. First it was–the bodies were scrubbed clean by this diabolical killer and there is no evidence! No evidence–how do you expect us to solve these crimes?!

Then it was–one hair, from the body of Tim King. One hair only. Long ago I posted about the untruth of the “one hair” stance and the fact that it was even discussed and discounted in the press. https://catherinebroad.blog/2013/04/12/. David Norberg’s DNA did not match the “one hair.” He was ruled out as a suspect in the OCCK case, and joined the ranks of unpunished and dead Michigan pedophiles.

Anger’s writings to buttress Norberg as a suspect mentions the 1975 abduction of 13-year-old David Evans from Boardman, Ohio, who was missing for days in January of that year before his body was found. See https://ohiomysteries.libsyn.com/david-evans. At the time, Norberg was living in Wooster, Ohio, which is some 70 miles from Boardman. Had Anger taken a closer look, he would have found there was also an unsolved 1972 murder in Boardman; that of 12-year-old Bradley Bellino in March of that year. He, too, was missing for a few days before his body was found. See https://www.websleuths.com/forums/threads/oh-bradley-bellino-12-murdered-boardman-31-march-1972.533326/.  Boardman was not a big town. No account for where scumbag Norberg was in 1972.

These documents speak for themselves and are eye-opening on many levels. Going in to it, I want to point out two things. First, Anger makes various representations about the cross with the name “Kristine” engraved on it that was found in Norberg’s possession, along with other weird trinkets this freak allegedly kept in his tool box. On one page Anger states that Kristine’s mother and her husband gave Kristine this cross for Christmas. Read these documents and see if that is a legitimate conclusion to draw. Oh yeah, and as the documents state, Norberg’s sister was named Kristine. Same spelling. Of course he goes to great lengths to refer to this sister as “Tina,” and she states Norberg never gave her any gifts whatsoever, let alone this cross. So by way of Norberg’s wife, his sister and some cousin or relative of Kristine Mihelich who lived in Arizona, they all were able to bolster Anger’s belief that Kris’ mom was incorrect when she said she had never seen this cross before.

Anger also states in one of his write-ups that ITEM 10 is a St. Christopher’s metal [sic] and that “Mr. & Mrs. King, parents, state Timothy’s St. Christopher metal [sic] is missing,” that Norberg was not Catholic and did not attend church and had no need for such a medal. My brother who lived in Oakland County at the time called me to give me a head’s up about the Norberg exhumation. He said that a cop told him no one thought Norberg was the OCCK and that while he was clearly sick and a pedophile, he was also a disgusting drunk, disheveled and scary-looking enough that no kid would go near him. My brother told me that police said a St. Christopher medal was claimed to be in this man’s possession and that they were contending it was Tim’s. My brother asked my dad about this (it was in the news) and my dad specifically said he and my mom were never consulted or told about this and that he simply attributed it to an attempt to bolster the affidavit to get Norberg exhumed.

We actually laughed about this, and I will tell you why. First of all, none of us owned or wore religious jewelry depicting saints. Second, my brother’s name is Christopher and even HE didn’t have a St. Christopher’s medal. Furthermore, St. Christopher was “downgraded” by the pope in 1969 and was no longer a saint, but a martyr. We had teased my brother about “his” saint’s downgrade.

There are some interesting redactions in these pages which may or may not have to do with polygraph results. There’s a lot here. Disturbing and distressing on many levels.

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