More documents from the OCCK case

To be continued.

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  1. Cathy – what a shame, that police resources were squandered chasing “satanists” and “witches”, and particularly with respect to investigation of your brother’s case! Makes me very sad, and I’m sorry investigators were sidetracked by such a phantom “motivation”.
    The same goes, for the mythical “child snuff porn industry” herring.

    Such fantasy motivations do enable investigators to ignore/overlook, irrefutable facts that are staring them in the face. With respect of the two boys, there can be no doubt the perp(s) had an obsessive interest in binding little boys and then repeatedly sodomizing them. Every other aspect of these crimes is open to speculations, because there are no certainties about them. But not that.
    And we know of a habitual abuser of young boys, who attempted to coerce at least one of his victims into activity of that exact nature – don’t we? Someone who apparently kept a supply of ropes for binding boys at hand – should another opportunity happen to fall in his lap?

    Any other suspects, that the same could be said of?

  2. Hey Cathy, I went through all 500 pages last night, not because a gave the lead any credence, but to see if I recognized any names of associates possibly connected to our bad guys. Nothing!


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