Warren, MI-area pedophile from the 1970s/1980s?

Looking for the names of any Warren, Michigan-area pedophiles from the late 1970s/early 1980s. Not David Norberg or Art Ream. These pedophiles are like cockroaches–if you see two, you know there are many more. Any insights would help. Please comment here or send an email to OCCKtruth@protonmail.com.

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  1. I’m fairly certain there’s a name or two in the tip sheets with a Warren address besides Norberg.

  2. Only name that comes to mind was a suspect in OCCK. Gary Frank Smentowski. DOB: 7/25/54,
    DOD: 10/7/78. Center Line High School class of 1973. Somewhere I read he was the only suspect that Garry Gray would not release his name. I understand Gray was Center Line class of 1972.

    Did you ever get any other information on the Warren area pedophiles? Was there something specific you were looking for? I may be able to find list of names, but not sure what specifically to look for?

  3. Yes, I believe Smentowski (“Punky,” right?) is alleged to have offed himself. I also believe this suspect is mentioned very early on in Det. William’s file notes in the Lawson/Lamborgine investigation as a person Gray was looking into. I will take a look when I can. I believe it is also mentioned that Gray attended the same high school as Smentowski. As I recall, it was maybe the first tip Gray was looking at after being reassigned to the OCCK case rather than be RIF-ed when the MSP was cutting its budget in 2005 or so. I also recall very extensive discussions on forums like Topix around that time period that set forth a very disturbing picture of this man’s life and death, and the people who may have been aware of his possible predilections, disturbing photographs and involvement with a priest.

    I asked about Warren-area pedophiles on behalf of someone who is researching the murders of other girls, including Jane Allen and Kimberly King. Just trying to brainstorm possibilities.

    1. Yes, “Punky” I found the document that said Gray was class of 1972 at Center Line and Smentowski was class of 1973.

      I eyeballed Cory’s notes but saw no mention of him there. However, Cory’s notes did mention the following people in the Warren and Utica areas. Included are the dates on Cory’s notes and page number on the document.

      1) Nathan Honeycutt, Henry Geisler, John Thompson. Warren/Center Line. Murder of a boy child in Center Line. 8/29/05, Page 9 of 20.
      2) Carl Schonebeck Utica, MI. Picture matches OCCK composite. 2/6/05, Page 16 of 19
      3) Gina Busch Utica, MI. Picture matches McKinney murder woman’s composite. 6/13/07, page 3 of 32.
      4) John August Busch Utica, MI. CSC 1 (in prison in Adrian, MI). 2/8/07, Page 18 of 19
      5) Joe Busch. Utica, MI. Brother of John and Gina. 6/21/07, Page 3 of 32.

        1. Hope this helps the other people.

          I also think, Gray used the Smentowki tip as his own tip to keep his job. Explains why he never released the name. Open investigation, can’t tell you. Please don’t fire me.

            1. You were correct. I looked again and found Smentowski mentioned in Corey’s notes on 2-14-2005. Apparently Richard Lawson, Smentowski and Norberg all lived in close proximity.

              Your memory does you proud!

  4. In the book “children in chains” published in 1981, the author talks about a man in Warren, MI who won teacher of the year twice that sexually assaulted two teenage boys. Apparently he was also on probation from molesting an 8 year old while he was an elementary school principal. I’m trying to find who this is based on these facts.

    1. That may be Arthur Kirkeby. Suspended as Principal of an elementary school in Warren in 1973 when he pleaded no contest to 2nd degree CSC. Fined $1,000 and placed on 4 years probation. Then charged with 2 counts in 1977 when he was on probation. He was accused of sexual activities with boys in a bicycle shop he co-owned.

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