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  1. It is error only and not truth that shrinks from inquiry.
    ~~ Thomas Paine

    1. Yeah, I’ll bet Pete Arredondo, security chief for the Uvalde schools, has stopped “cooperating” with the Uvalde PD.

      Arredondo was in charge of several key aspects of The Narrative, including his widely-repeated statement on that Tuesday afternoon that Ramos had bought his firearms legally.

      To say Arredondo was grossly premature, is an understatement. Even the ATF on Wednesday couldn’t say that.

      The feds can’t even say if Ramos had any bank account. Ramos, according to his own grandfather, had no driver’s license. Ramos had quit his part-time fast food job weeks (or months) before May 24. There is no evidence Ramos had the $3,000 minimum needed to buy the firearms, ammunition and body armor.

      There is, however, the bizarre “coincidence” that in 2018, two Uvalde youths, aged 13 and 14, threatened to shoot up an Uvalde elementary school in 2022 as soon as they turned 18. When Congressman Tony Gonzales claimed one of the boys was Ramos, Gonzales was ridiculed. Since the juvenile records were sealed, we don’t know.

      You know who does know, though?

      Uvalde school security chief Pete Arredondo.

      This whole story stinks of lies – the ever-shifting timeline, the non-existent shootout before Ramos entered the school, the manner and means by which Ramos acquired his arsenal, Arredondo’s assurance on that Tuesday that no one else was involved . . .

      Whatever happened in Uvalde, it was not the simple result of one crazy lone wolf about whom no one knew anything.

      Uvalde involved some deeper and darker secrets.

  2. That’s not how officers are trained for active shooter situations. The closet officer with a gun is supposed to go right in and directly to the shooter, engage the shooter and draw his fire away from the victims.. There should have been no hesitation, no discussion, all cops know this. !!! Being a police officer is inherently a dangerous job. If you don’t have the courage to do this, you should not wear a badge & have a gun!!! End of discussion!!! They were pussies!!

  3. No matter what the official story is, the fact remains that an armed nut job was in a school alone and unrestricted with unarmed children.
    BTW, anyone else find it strange that 18 year olds find it compelling to shoot little kids? I get maybe having grudges against your peers but little kids? Seems like a bizarre target for an 18 year old.

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