‘Missing baby Holly’ found ‘alive and well’ 41 years after her parents were murdered in Texas | US News | Sky News

Baby Holly was handed to an Arizona church by two barefoot nomadic women “who identified themselves as members of a nomadic religious group”.
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This family’s lives matter to the Texas Attorney General, even 41 years later.

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  1. I wish Nessel gave that much of a shit about cold cases from 40 years ago. Everyone giving her credit for the catholic church scandals… I call Bologna because let us not forget how the legal system really works. There has to be a compliant in order for there to be an investigation. At best MSP at her order snatched cases from lower jurisdictions so they could get the glory for the bust. But when it comes to unraveling the truth in cold cases like the Oakland County Child Killer case they are no where to be found. I have no idea how you and your family maintain any confidence in MSP or the State AG office. Your family deserves better

    1. No confidence, whatsoever. They are all looking away because not only is this case the biggest, most corrupt cluster ever, it also runs parallel to the shocking and never busted child sex and porn ring that suits and uniforms from Oakland County participated/participate in. Too messy for them.

  2. How is the statute of limitations not up for that Priest ,when I get told it’s 15yrs or till your 26 yr. Old in MI. If there is no time limitation let’s go. There are plenty of victims from 1977 .Can’t you sue the police the same way you sue ,say the Church?

    1. The church’s practice of moving these criminals from parish to parish/state to state worked against them. The statute of limitations is tolled if a defendant leaves the state to evade prosecution. It also could be the case that when Michigan enacted it’s very limited “window/look back” period when they modified the statute of limitations, that these cases were begun during that time period. More likely, it is the evasion/leaving the state that tolled the SOL. In short, they found a way around the SOL in the priest cases. Law enforcement agencies should have someone on staff who can compassionately explain the statute of limitations problems in sex crimes cases to victims and how recent law changes impact more current crimes, but not much older crimes.

      With cop(s) who stayed in Michigan (secure in the knowledge that they were untouchable), would be protected by the SOL for much older crimes and therefore their enabling institutions would be safe, too. Fraud could toll the statute and a case could theoretically be made for obstruction of justice/a federal civil rights case if a cover-up continues to the present day. Finding an attorney in Michigan who would handle such cases? Good luck. And getting records, especially personnel records, from a cop shop?! I believe they are exempted from FOIA production in Michigan.

  3. From a reader: From the State of Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act Handbook, page 17, available as a pdf on the michigan.gov website: “Personnel records of law enforcement agencies are exempt under the FOIA, unless the public interest in disclosure outweighs the public interest in nondisclosure. 84” Footnote 84 cites MCL 15.243(1)(s)(ix)

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