From a reader and the Boy Scout “perversion” files

St. Clair County Prosecutor Robert Cleland gave Frank Shelden a “pass” in 1977, but he did what he could with pedophile teacher Paul J. Wadaga in 1988. No one would testify against this teacher, who is said to have molested at least 18 boys over the prior 18 years. The man resigned from his teaching position and, because of course he had been involved as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, he made it in to the group’s “perversion” files. Scroll down the link to see the 1988 news article from the Port Huron Times-Herald (photo, too).

What do you think the odds are that Peter Wadaga never offended again after he moved on from Port Huron?

Wadaga was described as a “tidy perfectionist, who never married” by someone who remembered him. He also taught catechism. Had a twin brother Peter (retired hair dresser, never married), father was Frank. After moving from Port Huron he worked at a funeral home for a time.

There were so many pedophiles in Michigan during the time of the OCCK crimes, it is hard to know who was a child rapist/child pornmeister, and who could have been a participant in something far more sinister and evil. But this was Port Huron, home base for pedophile Gerald Richards and a place pedophile/child porn purveyor Frank Shelden often frequented. It makes you wonder if, given this man’s history, anybody thought to ask him about the OCCK. Of course at that point, police could apparently not wrap their minds around the “team killing” concept, and looked away if someone had an alibi for any of the relevant time periods involving the four kids or if he didn’t drive a blue Gremlin. The pressure was off and nobody really gave a damn any more. Any alibi will suffice.

Pedophiles and child porn users don’t wear a scarlet letter “P” on their attire. Sex offender registries did not exist in 1988. Pedophiles are teachers, cops, investigators, priests, senators, architects, art dealers, gymnastic coaches, assistant prosecutors, chiropractors, doctors. They come from all walks of life but all are dangerous manipulators, even the old ones. My guess is that most of them reoffend even after prison sentences and that they never “age out.”

A reader who had crossed paths with this pedophile called the fake OCCK tip line about Paul Wadaga. No one ever returned the call.

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  1. Wadaga and “Jerry” Richards (Frank Shelden buddy) were both from Port Huron and appear to have been born within about one year of each other. I wonder if they knew each other.

  2. This business about the porn mailing lists , is stuck in my craw. Drug dealers and rich folk don’t stash everything in a single vault, and unlike drugs or money these assholes would have made copys in case someone got busted. The mailing list from N.Fox island my have been lost in a flood but I guarantee there were others. And I’m sorry ,but there is someone still alive who read those lists. I would think after the 3 victim someone would have gone back to look at them for any address that was close to the abduction site.who was at the first raid? what police department? There not all dead.

  3. From the State of Michigan’s Freedom of Information Act Handbook, page 17, available as a pdf on the website: “Personnel records of law enforcement agencies are exempt under the FOIA, unless the public interest in disclosure outweighs the public interest in nondisclosure. 84” Footnote 84 cites MCL 15.243(1)(s)(ix)

  4. Ok, I think I have read enough of this blog ,that I understand the rules 1.No conspiracy dribble doable. 2 . All emails put in thru comments and replies. 3. Do not send email directly to you unless it’s hard evidence . 4. DO NOT POST as heading for non shareable posts. Yery sorry if I junked up your mail box . Reading this blog can make a person go off half cooked, but of course you already know that.

    1. If you follow “the rules” here, you will be in a very small minority. You have not junked up my mail box and your comments seem cogent and valuable.

      Because I have had trolls (down to about three solid trolls right now), posts do not go up right after you hit “send.” I have to “approve” them after I check the blog. They are the reason we can’t have nice things, like seeing your post show up immediately.

      While WordPress is a pretty user-friendly site, for reasons I cannot figure out, some legit comments wind up in spam, along with 200 Cialis ads. Or they go to the amorphous “pending” mail box. If you wind up in the “trash” file, it’s generally because you have been blocked or refer to a person who has been blocked. I go through these files as I can, but this can explain the delay in posting as well.

      It works a lot better if someone wants to communicate privately that they email me via my encrypted email at The DO NOT POST arrangement was before the proton account. If the email goes to the OCCK email, it won’t get buried in my other mailboxes. I cannot guarantee a quick turn-around in any case.

      It works a lot better for me if people are willing to post on the blog and some of the comments have been invaluable and should be considered by readers.

      I used to give people three strikes. Now it’s one strike. If someone makes threats, or sounds like they are off their meds, they are gone and I block them. This whole thing is fucked up enough without dealing with more unstable people.

      Don’t forget, a conspiracy is just an agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal act, along with an intent to achieve the agreement’s goal. There are conspiracies present in this case and because these agreements are generally secret, it doesn’t mean they can’t be discussed. Conspiracy is not the same thing as crazy.

      People involved in these crimes and the subsequent “investigations” have made sure that there is next to no hard evidence. We do have the FOIA documents and discussion is important. What we don’t have is a whistleblower from one of those suburban police departments, the MSP, the OCS or the OCP, and we probably never will. But we can rationally discuss whatever we want here. The shit is so obvious.

  5. All right then! here it goes, i think more than one Berkley cop was a closet case and i think i can prove it. Not in a court of law or maybe ,depending on the people i ask to confirm it and if they are still alive.I have believed for a long time that these cops were so terrified of being outed as fags ,they steered investigation away from what they knew as gay pick up spots. Before anybody takes issue with my venacular or my knowlege of BERKLEY know this. I grew up there you didn`t .If you did , then you know the last thing you could be in Berekey is a fag. i aslo from age 15 grew up in the GAY underground. that`s how i know that fag bar owners and the community itself did not allow for kiddiehawks in there space.If you wanted that you would go to the american legion hall or a dark bowling alley bar. These places were also used for very straight looking guys on the down low or flannel shirt wearing rough trade. Think Sloan and the slob. When the cops went in all swinging dick busting up gay bars looking for perverts,they were looking in the wrong place. And i think Peter MEL who owned the Poney Cart ,and Backstage would have told the cops that. to get them out of there.If im right ? so what? This horror story needs to be complete ,if we cant get justice. If it seems like im trying to stir up shit ,i am .when people are threatened and angry they show there cards . And if your from Berkley and were terrorized because you were poor or had a single mom or you sold a little pot or stole a bike and a cop made you think you were going to jail for life . They are old men pissing there adult diapers praying that.the statute of limitations doesn`t suddenly get lifted.

  6. It’s probably time for another fireside chat about Berkley PD, an agency I consider to be the most corrupt of the suburban PDs in the OCCK saga. I am talking during the Jim Cox/Ray Anger era. I will work on a post.

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