“The most important thing to her, today, is she was heard.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman commenting on the reaction of a woman upon learning of charges filed against a 92-year-old priest who sexually assaulted her around 1968 when she was a ten-year-old at the Fort Alexander residential school, northeast of Winnipeg. The charge was the result of a decade long investigation of this residential school.



“Sagkeeng First Nation Chief Derrick Henderson told CBC a criminal charge being laid after so many years was a kind of vindication for the community. 

‘There have been many stories people have been talking about this. There have never been any formal charges,’ he said. ‘Our people need to be believed when they tell something and it’s very disheartening as a chief when our membership says something and then they’re not believed because of stigma,’ said Henderson.

‘People wouldn’t say anything for nothing.'” 

2 thoughts on ““The most important thing to her, today, is she was heard.””

  1. It is supremely important, for the full truth of what has happened in the past to be uncovered and made public. That is the most important step, in preventing recurrence in the future.

    I applaud all your efforts to do this, with respect to OCCK issues and Michigan history generally.

    Here’s a little known or understood historic truth. Remember, in the Discovery documentary, when the police investigators in Louisiana discovered the Boy Scout troop case – and all the CSA images, prostitution and sex crimes against children it involved? And then they discovered links to the whole Better Life pederast network across America?

    They stated, that they requested assistance from the FBI but “never heard back” from that agency. Well, one reason for that may have been – the FBI only had ONE full-time pornography investigator. His name was Roger Young, and his father had been the FBI’s sole full-time pornography investigator, before him!
    There’s a very interesting interview with him, published on Catholic News Agency dot com. For me, one of the most important historic truths that Roger Young reveals, is the continuous recycling of child porn materials by subsequent offenders. Materials seized by Young and his crew turn up again – repackaged, republished and re-distributed – in the next seizure, and again and again…

    1. RIGHT?!..If the story isn’t complete then we as a society can’t get better laws and vetting for people in power.I would be be comfortable if anybody who applies for job in law inforcement only had to have there computer dumped ,if you can pass that ,carry on . Also maybe anybody who is a raid has to get patted down for a zip drive in there pocket .

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