Leave No Trace, on Hulu

Screen shot from movie Leave No Trace, showing one of the perversion files released in the 2010 lawsuit brought by Kerry Lewis against the Boy Scouts. This came up while the narrator was describing the wide variety of occupations of abusers. The documents were part of an archive of previously secret Boy Scout files that chronicled decades of abuse of boys.

Leave No Trace, airing now on Hulu. Thanks to a reader.

3 thoughts on “Leave No Trace, on Hulu”

  1. When Government officials and police break the social contract ,they break the contract the john Q public has to play by the rules. I personally am not above breaking and entering to get documents , grave robbing to pluck pubic hair for a DNA sample.

  2. Well, I can’t find a match in my copy of the perversion files. But, mine doesn’t have Malcolm Willis Mcconahy either. Remember when we found out that Adam Starchild was in the perversion files? Way back in Topix days.
    But this Frederick Sundling, what an obsessive! And In Ann Arbor too…

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