6 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell, Associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Sentenced to 20 Years for Sex Trafficking – WSJ”

  1. This was a State of New York Superior Court I think, but can’t she also be tried Federally for the transport of the young women across State and International lines as well ????? aka: The Mann Act .

  2. The U.S. most heavily guarded secrets. 1. Pedo client list. 2. Nuclear code. 3. Aliens

  3. How about a foia request for documentation of the flood that that destroyed evidence , what was destroyed what cases and how much was recovered? The flood couldn’t have just hit the OCCK Stuff only . I think the oakland county prsocutor should be concerned with lost evidence ,or a least know where the salvaged paper was relocated ….. Danielle Kencik

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