This contract will cost the Michigan State Police $3,293,000.

And they claim they can’t pay for DNA testing by a third-party lab in the OCCK case.

*This is an article from The Intercept from last fall. You may have to enter an email to read the article, but it is not a paywall. I guess if the MSP is already following you on ShadowDragon, they already know your email, where you get your coffee, who your mom and dad are, what you write about Garry Gray, so you might as well get access to this article. Comforting, huh?

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  1. Good ! Then they know we’re commin for them . Not the other way around , intimidation tactics only work if your backed by real power . The king is dead ,and the kids who grew up under fear ,are now angry tax paying adults.Global economy & internet yanked there teeth out. They have lost there sense of smell . The wind has changed direction people are clapping everytime a new guy falls from grace.

  2. Wow ! 2 million over 5 yrs . It would be more cost effective to bribe someone to sneak the evidence out send it to ancestry and then sneak it back in. Just saying.

  3. “In 2015, it was revealed that for years, the [Michigan] state police agency was using cell site simulators to spy on mobile phones without disclosing it to the public.” Karen McDonald literally scoffed at me in the one phone conversation we had after I sent lengthy letters in January 2020 that when I told her I believed the MSP had hacked my family’s cell phones and those of others who were communicating with us about this case. It went way back to the time we first learned about Chris Busch. I know the MSP did a warrantless tap on polygrapher Larry Wasser’s phone. McDonald said no way–“do you know how hard that is to do these days?” Well, first of all it wasn’t 2020 when this happened, but clearly the MSP uses spy methods which I do not believe for one second are confined to white supremacist terrorists in Michigan. And who knows what the FBI in southeastern Michigan added to this mix.

    1. Would they have to apply for some type of federal permission or some type of warrant to spy like that? Could it have to do with the fact that Helen had felons and you were corresponding with her that it opened up the door for those activities? Furthermore is there any type of record trace of their requests thru the federal government to tap into phones where FOIA requests may catch their requests? Maybe they can hide such things as OCCK evidence and poly results but not requesting permission to spy. I’m just pulling things out of air as I know nothing about this stuff but I am just curious.

    2. I think they where spying on your Dad , He was dangerous because he was an attorney . It makes me sick to think about the resources wasted playing keep away with your Dad. I really hate saying this but your family was Brooks Patterson right kind of family . There was no way to write you guys off as nut jobs or having vendetta. And as hard as it is for you to hold steady ,it’s the only proof in a way ,that they are fucking with you still.

    3. We KNOW they were hacking our emails back in the mid 2000s. Weird stuff started happening. I also went in and found my emails in 2013 where I was hacked again – getting weird messages when I tried to send emails to you and someone else. I called the email provider who was able to tell on their end something want right but couldn’t tell what exactly or how to make it stop. He confirmed what I was seeing and acknowledged it was not normal. Yeah, they’ve been monitoring people. You are a threat therefore you must be on a choke collar.

      1. Thank you, Judi. I keep meaning to go back and find the many emails where we were all saying WTF??? with calls and emails. Nazis.

  4. I read that document you posted about the structure of the OCCK task force .It reads like a rough draft of the Patriot act. They probably got the permission way back then for phone tapping. I don’t know , I’m just some dumbass who is trying to figure out how to prove my brother and friends were raped,by a guy that lived 4 houses away from the brick wall that separates Royal from Hartfield bowling alley. If the they had all the power of God almighty to investigate how did they miss that guy? Did Anger or Cox give him a pass ? How many pedos did LE let go because they weren’t the killers? Danielle Kencik. I can’t seem to leave my email or name

  5. As I understand it: after the Church and Pike Hearings in the seventies, the FISA act was drafted to protect citizens from this kind of pervasive/invasive surveillance. FISA went hand in hand with RICO, in the sense that, as with Busch and Green, it might help determine what “associates” actually meant in various criminal contexts, and a net could be cast. Challenging FISA protocol and abuses seemed to play a big part in the Mueller investigations, and it’s ironic that Giuliani, who seemed to be one of the first to really test the expansive uses of RICO, in taking down NYC mafia figures, would himself now be tangled up in just such an investigation of “associates” and their collusive practices.

    Authorities weren’t just tampering with mail and digging through waste bins at the curb.

    In Houston, for instance, right after the mass murders, an incoming police chief conducted an investigation into police wiretapping (note: Corll had been an electrician, and many of the reports of witnesses involved electronics – strange contraptions on the porch that wired into the house; the many brief tenancies of Corll and the way that often he moved just after whoever had lived immediately next door to him had, etc). This new chief is on record in hearings soon after his investigation. This record is available online. Until that time, Houston, amazingly, had never had any outside watchdog protocol or measures. No one surveilled THEM. Notably, one of the people the new police chief wired was the Houston CID head who had been a friend of David Brooks’ father and seemed well acquainted with the man’s son.

    That incoming police chief exposed an extensive use of wiretapping by the Houston police throughout the 60s and 70s.

    It’s fascinating how crucial “data” was back then–so many political scandals revolve around the illegal obtainment of it, most famously the Nixon administration–but it makes sense that we would now be living in an environment where anything we do or say can be used against us. I think it’s gravely naïve to believe that if you’re doing nothing wrong you shouldn’t be worried about this kind of surveillance and data mining.

    Throughout all these cases there are mentions of recording and entrapment, not just by authorities (rogue or otherwise) but by criminals as well. While I don’t assign a ton of value to it (yet) I found it interesting that in one of his interviews with law enforcement, Sloan took pains and went to oddly great lengths to mention that he and his buddies used to record people in order to entrap them. He prefaces it in such a way to make it seem harmless–we were trying to prove my father snored–but as with many things he says (just so you know, I changed the tires on that Bonneville at least three times; and, here are harmless examples demonstrating that kids often rode in my vehicles, etc) he seems to be trying to think one step ahead of his interrogators, anticipating what they know or have learned since he was last questioned.

    The new surveillance technology is a dream come true for law enforcement–as well as for the criminals they collude with and pursue.

  6. I never asked you this, but do you, Cathy, have a firm belief in which one of these sick bastards killed Tim?

    1. I’ve never gotten a true visceral feeling about who suffocated my brother, but I do feel like he was passed off to the designated killer and then to body dumpers. I have thought before that if Greene was locked up and one of the other monsters had to kill Tim, that could have slowed them down. Imagine participating in these crimes, at any level. These people lived with what they did, apparently no problem. So it’s really hard for me to go there. I think everyone who has been mentioned over the years, with the exception of Gunnels, was completely capable of child rape and child murder.

      1. I was thinking about the other cases that could possibly be solved if DNA on all the sick bastards could be retested using the new technology and uploaded to a national, and even international database. Just because they haven’t been caught doesn’t mean they haven’t raped/murdered in the past. Hastings and Busch both spent time in Europe, wouldn’t be surprised if something showed up there as well. I wonder if Shelden DNA is being held anywhere…

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