3 thoughts on “Glen McCurley Strangled Carla Walker in 1974. Was She His Only Victim?”

  1. Fascinating article.
    Thanks Cathy for posting it.

    If McCurley was not merely a one-time murderer, but a serial killer, it is very odd that he suddenly stopped for no apparent reason in the mid-1980’s. His confusion over the details in the Walker murder does seem to be a sign that he was mixing up details from other victims.

    Anyway, it is clear the Fort Worth police did honestly try to investigate the Carla Walker (and the other victims) killing. The fact that they won a conviction in 2020 is proof that the FWPD had nothing to hide.

    This Fort Worth case is the exact opposite of the OCCK case – the OCCK case has never been honestly investigated. Instead, OCCK evidence has been actively suppressed, distorted and ignored by local, state and federal officials for more than four decades.

    1. Absolutely right, Paul. And some journalists around the country have really been insightful in addressing these cold cases and the jurisdictions involved in tackling these kinds of cases head on. The OCCK case? Nobody gets any traction and most of us know why.

  2. This was a good article, thanks. I caught the last 15 minutes of this episode was on Forensic Files II this week. It is titled “Last Dance”. Definitely going to keep an eye out for when it is on again.

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