Rounding out the big, distorted picture.

A reader commented today: “OCCK evidence has been actively suppressed, distorted and ignored by local, state and federal officials for more than four decades.” This reminded me that episodes of The Forever Children of Oakland County Podcast by Eddie White did a good job covering the evidence shell game played by the MSP in this case. The described current shell game goes back more than 12 years and was merely a continuation of the smoke screen the OCP and the MSP erected in this case in 1978. A smoke screen which was constructed with the authorities’ false narrative (fed to the media and community for 45 years) and the incomprehensible misfiling and slow-walking of evidence in this case–the most heinous serial murder in Michigan history.

If you haven’t listened to The Forever Children of Oakland County from the beginning, you should:

White did a good job. The podcast launched in the spring of last year. It feels like it was five years ago. As an initial refresher on the issue of DNA in this case, listen to Episodes 10, 11 and 12: (The Ties that Blind Us) (Gamesmanship) (The Deal with DNA)

After you listen to these three episodes (seriously, listen to them first), start reading the installments I will be posting of the 238-pages of notes, dated 2010 through 2019, from Wayne County, documenting the exceptionally hard work of Det. Cory Williams. The information was provided to my dad in 2019 so he could understand what went into the investigation of his son’s murder, despite the fact that the MSP was still stonewalling anyone and everyone. Despite assurances in 2019 from the then-assigned detective from the MSP that he would contact my dad to bring him up-to-speed, he just waited for my dad to die. Cross that phone call off the list. The MSP has consistently continued the fuckery perpetrated by L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson from the OCP, assisted with the help of the maladroit MSP employees Robert Robertson and Joe Krease. Keep everyone in the dark. It works better that way. The playbook has never changed.

That leaves us in the position of having to piece together some semblance of the truth in this case with whatever documents we could obtain. All documents were to be included in a document repository in this case, but for many reasons this has not happened yet. Once these 238 pages are posted here, you will be able to read every single LE document I have on this case. I withheld them from the blog because in January 2020 I forwarded this file, along with Marney Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, and other written materials, in support of my letter begging newly elected Prosecutor Karen McDonald to take a fresh look at this cold case. She had promised to meet with us. But that was before she took office. My dad died soon after the November election. She never met with us. I sent the same information to Attorney General Dana Nessel. Her office also blew me and Marney Keenan off after spending over an hour on Zoom with one of Nessel’s attorneys and her assistants. We never heard from them again. Totally ghosted.

So guess what? I’m not holding these documents back any longer. I’m going to try to post them seriatim. I have to double-check the redactions, which is always tedious and fraught. I am behind on posting information readers have sent me this summer, but I will catch up after these document drops.

As you read these pages, be sure to check the dates. And then do the math–it’s now 2022. If you are actually a reader of more than tweets and short emails, congratulations. You will see the hard work done in this case was not done by Oakland County or the MSP. You will be enraged, but not surprised. Of course much of this information was covered in The Snow Killings, but I think it helps to see it “as it happened.” Obviously, we have the benefit of hindsight in reading the file. But I can guarantee you, nobody at the MSP or the OCP is ever going to read these pages, so you might as well. Any highlighting or notes were made by me and I did my best to refrain from annotating.

8 thoughts on “Rounding out the big, distorted picture.”

    1. Don’t worry, Charles, I haven’t seen your name in any of the FOIA documents, books written about this case, or notes.

  1. Just getting started on reading this, but my initial thought is Dr. Yong Jo Kim’s place in hell is secure! Holy SHIT!

  2. Random thoughts?
    1. I didn’t know Crosbie offered Mark a ride home from the VFW (or was in American Legion) hall. Was it ever confirmed if Hastings was actually there that day as well? I’m guessing it would have been very easy for Crosbie to lure Mark to the car since they knew each other. Did anyone ever find out how long Crosbie stayed at the hall after Mark left?
    2. Crosbie used to hang out and drink with Paul Johnson. Is this the same Paul Johnson who also is a suspect?
    3. I know this is a longshot, but the property in Fenton that was owned by the Sloans, I read an article about how there is an imprint in the concrete that says “Sloan” and then there are child’s handprints beneath it. Have those imprints every been compared to any of the four victims? (
    4. I’m still confused on that hair that was found in Sloan’s car. Again, from the mtDNA that was shared for that hair in the FOIA documents, it matches the Stebbins family. However, this document says it matches someone in prison, why the heck has not been investigated like crazy?
    5. Is there documentation on the grand jury that was mentioned in these pages?
    6. Its disgusting how these bastards molested so many kids and kept getting released.

    1. Hastings’ name was not on the sign-in sheet that was in the OCP FOIA documents, but who knows if everyone there that afternoon “signed in.”

      I have never understood that sentence, which I have seen in multiple places, that the hair matches someone in prison, I think in Western Michigan. WTF?

      No, there’s nothing on/from the grand jury proceedings.

      It is amazing how rampant child sex crimes were (and still are) and how little law enforcement cared about these crimes. Busch, for example, was exposing himself and showing kids Polaroid photos of genitalia. How do you think these guys start out?! No big deal, don’t file charges, his dad is a big GM exec. Nothing we can do.

      Yes, very interesting point about Paul Johnson, who is in the OCP files. But of course that would be too easy–to compare notes/files.

    2. These are good comments and questions. Here is some information and my thoughts on your points:
      1. Some recent conversations on JH being at the hall was commented on this post See the comments by Inquisitor. I have not seen anything since then. I seem to recall reading that Crosbie left the hall soon after Mark left the hall, but I cannot find that document right now.
      2. I do not think this is the same Paul Johnson. The suspect is Paul David Johnson and this document mentions Jim Johnson and Paul Johnson. There is a James R. Johnson and Paul A. Johnson that lived at 334 Academy in Ferndale. Interesting though, that the document says “nothing in the tip files on either of these names”. Tip 5204TK was on Paul David Johnson. Good catch though, as I see many things that could link Johnson and Hastings together (Brother Rice, Oakland Community College, Lawrence Tech, etc.).
      3. A very interesting article on all the different visitors at the house in Fenton. Yet another possible secret room in a house (like Greg Greene).
      4. Great question on the hair that matches someone in prison. I’m hoping Cory can provide more information.
      5. I have no thoughts on the grand jury, but I expect we will never see any further information for legal reasons.
      6. I too am amazed at the amount of people (both connected and not connected to this case) that ruined so many lives and were back on the streets soon after the convictions. Teachers, Doctors, Police Officers, company executives included.

      1. Thanks G-Man (and everyone else who commented). Ruined so many lives is right. And I’m sure victims of these monsters justifiably felt like no one cared and that they were never protected. It’s crushing. It makes me wonder if the Busch hit-squad couldn’t have done a little more to clean up this cesspool.

  3. On Oakland County Property Gateway, you can see that there WAS a house right across from 21895 Seminole in the 1980 aerial photo (presumably 21896 Seminole), but it is gone in the 1990 aerial photo.

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