It is no surprise that photos of suspects, cops and other players CIRCA 1976/77 are very helpful for jogging memories. As a civilian, these can be hard to come by, but very enlightening. Thank you to a reader:

Lest you think we are picking on poor Haystack, I have written before about my attempts, via FOIA, to obtain the reports and DVDs resulting from the October 2009 interviews and polygraphs concerning suspect John Hastings, as referenced very directly in the MSP documents. These documents, included below, demonstrate a belief on the part of some law enforcement that this man’s “knowledge” of the OCCK cases was not merely crafted and spouted to an old woman for entertainment and free food/coffee. He is described by the MSP in FOIA documents my dad obtained over a decade ago as “still considered a suspect.”

I first started with Georgia Highway Patrol:

The shut down was as follows:

Next, I tried my old, transparent and helpful pals at the MSP:

Their shut down/denial was a little different:

If you are new to this discussion, there is a fuller explanation of all of this at: https://catherinebroad.blog/2021/04/28/john-hastings-2/; however the most important documents leading up to my own FOIA requests, were provided in response to my dad’s FOIA request to the MSP over a decade ago:

Of course it would basically be a fluke that we would obtain this photo of Haystack as he looked back in the day and the find was quite recent. Did any cop ever show us this photo or ask if we knew or had crossed paths with Hastings, who lived less than three miles from our family home? No. Not in 1977, not in 1992, not in 2009.

I am also in search of a photo of retired Berkley PD officer, Jim Cox, circa 1970s. He is kind of a ghost. Don’t worry, Jim, I’m just curious. Anybody??

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  1. Suspicious to say the least!! Fuck this shit! What a God damn disgrace! Outrage, this polygraph HAS to be addressed. I even emailed Duncan . So irritated. What in Gods name do they think ? Oh it will be forgotten. Haystacks polygraph isn’t important. Oh , how can anyone deny the resemblance to that fucking Composite sketch!

  2. Haystack! Such a fitting name for the society reject. Fucking amazing to me that the MSP just blow Hastings Poly right off. Like it’s non existent. Travesty at the highest level. Pisses me the F off. Every doggie has their day John boy. I’m sure you are reading this asshole. Gods in charge

  3. Cathy,

    I’m sure you already checked, but I see thru voter records that Jim Cox lives at 2701 Oxford in Berkley. He busted a few of my parties when I was in HS at Berkley in the 80s lol. I live in CO now, or I’d stop by, maybe return the “bust”.

    1. An even more interesting point about this address is that the backyard of the home is the La Salette Church parking lot. I understand this is the parking lot where the body of Chris Flynn was found.

  4. One observation here is on the topic of Polly emphasizing that there were no sideburns to who she saw when compared to the OCCK sketches in the newspapers. Looks to me that it’s the biggest difference between them here along with heavy shading on the cheeks. Throw in the Doug Wilson sketch on that as well with no sideburns and another sketch matching Hastings to a tee with a slight side view.

    I understand sketches are not proof but they are really hard to ignore. Requires further investigation. Wait they already investigated him? They did polygraph him? The polygraph results concluded he was involved with the murders but the results, docs and DVDs have all became missing and we don’t have an explanation what happen to them.

    Spells COVERUP

    1. What gets me and it’s all too telling. Doug Wilson was able to give in great detail on the description on Tim King. Even to the color of his skateboard. So if he was able to give an exact , definitive description on Tim, why couldn’t he give an exact description of the suspect?

  5. The importance of putting things in historical context. im sure everyone has noticed that our 4 children came from non UAW families. i dont believe this was a fluke. If they had been, the UAW would have gotten them a lawyer/media consultant.If these kids had been jewish , uncle Max Fisher would have come down on the police like God all mighty for not solving it.He would have full page articals about the murder of Holocaust survivors grandchildren, gone all the way to the White House. To give you an idea of how well auto workers were cared for ,the first call a UAW makes when facing Divorce, DUI, tax liens is to there union rep. Anybody connected to the auto industry would know that. These kids were taken from the mother`s Brooks Patterson was railing against with his welfare cheats bullshit. People who did not have the social currency to demand answers . Then someone made a mistake , they took a kid from a place where there are Doctors ,Lawyers, Auto exec. People who would demand justice, and oh boy did the Kings deliver. Now Brooksy is terrified of a white flight situation out of ,not only Birminghams tax base but Oakland county. He knew he couldnt control Chris, from shutting the fuck up .L. Brooks Patterson ordered the execution of Chris Busch . he order the execution of do gooder cop Chris Flynn and probably the art dealer. Its 2022 and new tips and foia are finding there way out of the darkness .They only confirm our worst suspicions. GM killed these kids to feed the appetite of men living like roman emperors and L.Brooks patterson covered it up to protect the tax base in oakland county. feel like barfing ? i do.

    1. I contain my full-throated rage so I can strategically and methodically paint every last one of these motherfuckers, dead or alive, into a corner that will represent some kind of Hell. I am a patient enough person. As long as I live this will be something I address when I can. Think of it as an endurance event. When you least expect it, expect it. Want to play chess or chicken with me, motherfuckers? Let’s go.

      1. Easy girl …we will get there . If you can get a reporter to write about this , then somebody will have to respond . In thru the front door or in thru the back .You will get there.

  6. My favorite device strikes again: the old “negative template”. (If an investigating body screwed up the paperwork, you can bet the information was relevant and crucial, so keep digging in that direction . . .)

    Therefore, a (rhetorical) question:

    Would the MSP’s responses to Duncan’s suspicions and Cathy’s inquiry in 2021 have been just as deliberately muddled, incompetent and maddening IF John Hastings HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OCCK CASE???

    (Of course not.)

    The MSP’s responses – which include the withholding of the 1970’s era of the Hastings mugshot – PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that John Hastings was, in some way on some level, somehow involved with at least a part of this case!

    And the MSP knew it then and know it now.

    1. Paul;
      Are you telling us now that the sketch, dark complexion and the ‘athletic build’ description was not Chris Busch with a shaved beard? Heaven forbid on that one. Although it may be his neighbor all of this time and may still be all the more reason of a coverup to go along with the rest of it.

      1. I have never stated that Chris Busch ever shaved his beard. As far as I know, there is no picture of an adult Chris Busch without a shaggy beard. I have always doubted that the parking lot man was Busch.

        Years ago I suspected that Greg Green was our parking lot man (as did many others here), but now I agree with Cathy – the records are clear that Green was incarcerated from January 25 on.

        Busch probably picked someone like Hastings to replace Green as the procurer in the Hunter Maple parking lot.

        On a slightly different note, has anyone ever found any further evidence that Hastings might have been working at the VFW hall in Ferndale in February of 1976? That was once asserted through the most convoluted hearsay here on this blog years ago, but no witness statement or reports have ever been produced.

        1. Great question. I too have read that he was at the hall that afternoon, but nobody would elaborate on the comment.

              1. Well that was one thing that I have wondered about along with others. Appelman seem to put Hastings right there in his book (or that was how it read to some of us) and no one knew what source that came from although his suspect ended up being Greene. Helen would often state that Hastings was there for a pool tournament that day and something about being on a list. Could never find any proof about it. It was interesting that there was an actual list of attendance of people there I believe or something to that affect in the FOIA papers when they were shown here. I can’t remember the details off hand but I was looking for Hastings name with no luck. The list did look like it was stopped in the middle, like pages were removed. Agree good question. I wish it could be proven as that would shed some light on things if he could be proven to be there that day.

                1. I too wish to know the source of the information that JH was at the hall. I looked at the FOIA papers and that list as well. I will have to look at it again. Like you the details now are fuzzy. We were reviewing a lot of information that week in several downloads. And many times there was 3 of everything to run up the FOIA bill.

                  The one thing that stood out to me from those papers was LBP and his number 2 man RT signing the funeral book. Why would they have shown up at the funeral? Did they show up at all the funerals together?

  7. Why is/was Det Williams unable to get a copy of the Hastings GA interview/DVD or did GG destroy them?

    1. In accordance with their retention system, these materials would have been destroyed no later than 2016. That’s how FOIA works, folks. It’s a rigged game. When it’s not a catastrophic facility flood, or “retention” practices, or “whoops, we lost it,” it’s heavy and illegal redactions. And don’t forget, this was a favor GA did for MI, not an open serial homicide in GA. They probably sent the only copies of the DVDs to the MSP black hole. After all, it is Michigan’s “open” cold case.

  8. The The task force set up by your house was because they all knew from the jump ,that it was ground zero for all the players.The cops were also keeping an eye on you to monitor any info that might come your way. Like a neighbor telling you something about a neighbor.

  9. After I realized years later that the bizarre discussion I heard really did deal with something real, I started to correspond with Helen gradually at first but became quite often for a period of time. Once I knew what this was about and read up on it, one of the first things I asked Helen was does he look like the OCCK sketch any? I asked because I told her, I only really remember seeing the back of his head except when you guys got up to leave the restaurant which was so quick. She told me that there was a photo she had of JH and it matched the OCCK sketch exactly to a tee with the long hair and all. She gave that photo to Ray Anger when they were investigating in Alpena and she never saw it again. For at that time in 2005 and many instances afterward, I didn’t always believe Helen on things she told me as maybe she exaggerated things a bit. Well now after all of these years I can say she told me the truth on that one.

    I have to assume now that this photo is very likely the one she had back in late 1991 – early 92 before giving it to the investigators. What I have to ponder on now is trying to imagine this man telling her all these things for months. I only heard an hour’s worth when I sat there and can’t imagine someone hearing this for long periods of time. And now trying to imagine her seeing the same comparison we are seeing here. This is what must have really drove her for years and decades to come to get to the bottom of this whole thing. As she became known the on the internet over it a decade later or so with her questionable credentials and character it drove the cops to avoid all the more. And that resistance is still there today for obvious reasons and maybe some not so obvious ones.

    1. Helen was in the top ten of horrible human beings I have crossed paths with in this case since 2005. Nevertheless, I still believe that the information Todd Matthews posted on her behalf, years ago, had legs and should have been taken seriously, very seriously, at that time. But Ray Anger and other cops made sure that wouldn’t happen. I printed off those pages from the web back in the day, because of course now they have been scrubbed from the internet. I will repost them.

      1. She’s burned every single bridge she has ever had including a few with me. I was not happy with the way she treated you along with others including ‘some’ of the police. Always made this more of a tangled mess then it had to be.

    2. Like many others here, I used to try to read Helen’s web page as often as possible to get updates on the case, or just her theory. That is because there was no where else to go for quite a while.

      It was my understanding that she became aware of JH in December 1991. Then she contacted authorities some time after 1991. I guess I incorrectly assumed that MSP had never heard of JH, or had no need to investigate him prior to being contacted by Helen.

      But if you read the last page of “Why-the1009-Hastings-polygraphs-were-important” document, you have Garry Gray’s comments;
      “Mike, I’m not sure who I spoke with several months ago from GBI, however, here is some information on a suspect WE WERE LOOKING AT BACK IN 1976-77 regarding the murders of 4 children.

      So he admits JH was on the radar back in 1976.

      1. I was in complete shock to find out that Helen and JH were meeting at BigBoy and other restaurants in Alpena for months before I witness them on Dec 26, 1991 and a few months afterwards before she got the LE to come to town and investigate. She claims around 9 months total I guess. Yes JH was a suspect in 1977 as it was after Tim. What I remember reading in the FOIA papers was they interviewed him as a suspect in Detroit somewhere in 1977. His girlfriend at the time turned him in for the same thing we are seeing here today that he looked like the OCCK sketch that was in the newspaper but also she got strange vibes from him. Something in regards to a party she was at and him with someone else (possibly a brother) and seem to be make harsh comments on children being killed and the guilt or something to that affect. Maybe someone can fill you in more on the details as I’m going by memory what I read years ago now. It’s buried somewhere in the FOIA docs. My understanding was that Helen tried to locate this girlfriend that turned him in many years later with no luck. I don’t think she even determine her name as it was blocked out of the FOIA papers. She was curious about a lot of things but one was the artwork that JH supposedly did of children back in 1977.

          1. BLK 1608 should put you in the neighborhood to what I discussed here. It’s confusing because John had a girlfriend in 1977 and another one in 1992 and they both were interviewed. Definitely normal in some regards.

              1. The entire FOIA stack has a page number reference. I maybe should have wrote it as BLK01608 as I put blanks in there sometimes for 0 by habit.

            1. The girlfriend from 91 “ Sylvia” lives in Lapeer Mi. His daughter Adrienne lives there as well. Sylvia has some major health issues and from my understanding she told Helen that she thought Haystack could have been the killer. Granted that’s coming from lying Helen

              1. I sure wish someone could ask her about the artwork that John supposedly had above his couch on the wall in his apartment in Alpena on Sable Street. Mainly does she have any memories of anything ever being on the wall? Can she describe it? But then again that is another topic on another day and a different story all together.

                1. Evidently John lived a few places in Alpena but this would be specifically the upstairs apartment on Sable Street and would be in 1991 before the police investigated. Maybe instead of ‘artwork’ should just say any ‘decorative thing’ on his wall. I think they were separated already so she may have never been in that apartment. So it’s hard to say. Maybe just another one of Helen’s stories like so many others but this could be real interesting if she remembers anything on those lines.

                  1. I can’t believe Hastings at one time lived 5 min from me in Lk.Orion. I wish I knew then , what I know now. Helen fabricated so much, it’s hard to tell which is fact or fiction. She fucked up in a big way. If I’m not mistaken Corey confronted her and asked if she was lying about a lot of the information and she spilled the beans to him. That being said “ it doesn’t or will it change my stance on John boy”. Not until (A) the find out it was beyond a doubt it was another. Or (B) they exonerate Haystack. Until then , that goof ball was involved

                    1. Agree and as I was asked why did I spend so much time talking to a lady that’s nuts and making up stories? Well, because the BigBoy chat was for real and although it’s a toss up sometimes if she told the truth, I did find out that many things I questioned she told me ended up being for real. So it’s a toss of the coin, I guess.

                      Someone really needs to ask Sylvia about this ‘decorative thing’ on JH wall in Alpena. Perhaps you have contacts that may be able to ask her. Does she remember anything? It’s quite important to know!

                    2. Ironic you ask if I have any contacts. I have an old friend who has Sylvia on his friends list on FB. Needless to say I was shocked when I seen her there. I guess Sylvia is good friends with his mom. The only issue Is that I haven’t seen this friend in 30 years . Just correspond via FB. Haven’t figured out a way to bring her up to him as of yet, but I’m on it.

                    3. Very cool! Sometimes that’s how things are found. It’s a long shot, I know. Many people don’t answer their messages on there. May need to start a new thread if you find out anything. I will explain unless you may already know but would rather leave it blank on here until something is found out. Too many tangents already wrapped around things here at this point. Just creates more confusion.

                    4. JN BTW that was a wild ass guess on my part. However you did state that Sylvia has health issues so I just assumed from that implies you have a connection to know that. Helen’s last communication with her was simply she felt the OCCK case was completely solved by Busch and didn’t want to discuss any further but that was years ago now. It would be interesting if she opens up a bit on things. Either way, all she has to do is turn down if she wants. Good luck with it and thanks for the attempt.

  10. Wow, the resemblance to Hastings here is uncanny. I hope that time proves you right, Cathy, and you manage to solve something. In my theory I defended the idea that, despite the official and relatively recent investigations of Cory Williams, the violent Greg Greene did spend a week or two on probation. Without trying to sidetrack myself or anyone else from any investigation, can it not be plausible, given the concealment of documents and evidence in this case, that someone covered up the negligence of granting the infamous Greene that freedom I speak of, and then covered it up? somehow? It could be another blunder and the one in the drawing is Greene. I wish it was JH and that the new line of investigation leads you on the right path, but I have an eternal struggle with the resemblance of this drawing. It’s not beardless Busch, he had a round and wide face, like a pear. In the drawing there are very marked features in the eyes and mouth, so I go back to the beginning of everything: JH or GG! If it is finally shown that JH. he’s more than a suspect, it’s good to know he still has time to rot in jail. It’s just a question, Cathy.

      1. Well, with everything you have and go for that son of…!! Transoceanic encouragement and all my support, you no longer have anything to lose because you have already lost the most valuable thing!!

    1. Sorry Juanito but it’s been proved over and over and over and over that Greene was locked up when Tim was abducted . Therefore the composites weren’t of widows peak Greene.

    2. Secret ‘freedom’ on Greene along with maybe some scalp surgery to remove his widow’s peak in his hairline?

      1. JN You beat me on this one. Didn’t see your post until after I posted mine. We have multiple sketches from multiple witnesses and not one of them shows a widow’s peak hairline which for Greene stands out like a nun at a rock concert. It’s very hard to miss that one!

        1. It must be telepathy Inquisitor. I’m sure Cathy is tired of explaining the Greene narrative. I know I am . She’s shown on her blogs numerous times proving that Greene was in jail during March 16, 1977. I find it hard to believe that Greene even had access to a sports jacket. He seemed like a dirt ball to me. Looked like he might have showered once a month. DIRT BALL

          1. JN, this is a response to all of the above, not your comment. Let’s assume, for old time’s sake, that it was widow’s peak Greene. I don’t have to prove anything here, I’m not trying to “win,” I don’t have to be right, I’m not looking for vindication or validation. I’m asking questions and exposing contradictions and bullshit, and the lack of answers and the decades-long stonewalling in this case demonstrates at a minimum that there is a cover up in this case. The truth has not outed and there are some still alive who know this truth. Sorry, it goes way beyond the massive misfeasance. Nobody has to agree with me. So even if the composite is ultimately worthless, this does not address what is expressed by Garry Gray in the OCCK file about the interviews and polygraphs conducted by Steve Duncan in Georgia. Nor does it address what I consider a very credible accusation by a victim of the Oakland and Wayne County child sex and porn rings, that Haystack was a child procurer for them. The police won’t address this accusation (shame on you) and no one in LE will pick up the goddamn phone and get to the bottom of this Georgia polygraph business. People can argue all day long about where Greene was after his arrest in Flint at the end of January 1977, but if you don’t address these two concerns, it doesn’t matter. What if Haystack wasn’t in the H-M parking lot on March 16, 1977? Duncan still says, based on his experience, gut instinct, and the polygraphs he administered to Haystack that both he and his supervisor are CONVINCED Haystack knew Chris Busch and is somehow involved in these crimes–participation and/or knowledge. If it is mere knowledge with no participation, WTF, speak up and tell the truth you dog! Let’s not muddy the waters. This man needs to be shaken down for real before he leaves this earth. But I won’t hold my breath. Gunnels and Hastings will probably continue to get a free pass unless the sun, the moon and the stars line up and one of those two freaks left DNA that can be detected by a third-party lab. Why can’t people get it through their heads that these were TEAM KILLINGS?! Multiple players (at least more than one) involved. We may have missed the window to get someone to investigate the wider circle of participants here. A DNA hit will mean only that it is ONE of the participants in ONE of the killings. And the hit would no doubt be on a dead guy, so case “closed.” Or–too bad, so sad, our evidence storage methods sucked and there is no detectable DNA.

            And by the way, not that it matters one whit, but I do think it was Haystack in the parking lot. I think he was there when Polly Coltman was there in the late afternoon and I think he was there again when my brother returned to buy candy. Given what Flint had on Greene, and the hard work and dedication of Flint Detective Tom Waldron, there is no way Greene gets to “walk” for a time before he is sentenced. Leaving aside the obvious inability to come up with a fraction of the required bond, Waldron knew what a dangerous monster Greene was. The files on Greene show he was nothing short of a depraved, manipulative monster, with a shocking record in California and who victimized numerous boys in Flint. There is no fucking way they “let him out” for a bit to make it look more “fair” in comparison to Busch. The whole idea was that there was to be no link, no connection, between these two men. Greene couldn’t be out because somebody in Oakland County couldn’t risk him squealing. Busch’s bond was reduced to $1,000 (the dirty POS), for a variety of reasons, not the least of which were that (1) he did not have the kind of record Greene did, and (2) Busch was arraigned at some judge’s home, due to the court closure because of the massive snow storm. Busch had the kind of lawyers who would raise a stink about that kind of shit the next day. And, needless to say, I believe there were other more nefarious reasons why Busch got the $1K special. Greene most certainly did not have this kind of “pedigree” or legal representation. But here I go again–it matters not where Greene was on March 16th, 1977, for purposes of closing out the lead on Haystack. Steve Duncan was not a shill for the MSP, like those other MSP polygraphers. His observations and conclusions were buried by the “task force,” who did not even inform Det. Cory Williams about this. Done banging my head about this. The composite, one way or the other, does not address my concerns.

            1. Exactly …I would make a pack with the devil if just one of these monsters still living got what’s comming. Time is running out . I pray all the time that someone out there says fuck my pension or whatever and becomes a whistle blower who worked in any of these police departments.

            2. I’m sorry Cathy, I totally understand where your coming from. It’s just that I agree with you 💯 that Hastings was the guy that ran into Polly and he was the one talking to your brother. It really bothers me to my core that he’s free. I was 9 years old when these horrible crimes happened and I can remember being warned back then not to talk to strangers. Then of course our family friend “ Johnny Taylor” telling us about his investigation on the case. I know I stress the composites till it probably makes people cringe, but as far as I’m concerned that’s proof that’s in the pudding.

              Many have their own theories and as some seem outlandish to me, it’s a possible way to get information and maybe a break through . I have faith the sun and the moon will line up. I have faith that Gunnels amnesia will miraculously be healed. I’d like to help him get his memory back but unfortunately in this country my way is against the law. 😉 I’d like to be the one that interrogated Haystack but I’m sure my style wouldn’t be considered appropriate. I know I personally am more fixated on your brother , rather than the other 3 kids. Maybe because there was a suspect that was actually seen with him. It’s very plausible that like you said Hastings was just a child hunter , nothing more or nothing less. Duncan’s interpretation was that he was involved . That’s enough for me. I always wonder what was Corey’s over all opinion on Hastings. I’ve never really heard his stance on him. Granted I’m sure it’s changed considering he was kept in the dark .

              1. Very honest and heartfelt. You want the right thing and you are the perfect example of how these monsters (take your pick, pedophiles or LE) mindfucked an entire generation (or more) of people living in Oakland County at the time.

            3. For my part, you’ve convinced me, Cathy. What is stated in your comment, which sometimes sounds like a strong blow on the table, is quite clear and full of truth. I think you’ve hit the bull’s-eye: The main difficulty in this case is that the evidence indicates that there is not a single man involved. If this case were like an octopus, we would only have one of its tentacles. If we add to this the deliberate concealment of evidence, people, information… It’s clear. Someone thought: Let’s make the case difficult, it’s closed. Why? Because they saw something very sensitive that would have embarrassed the judicial and police system of the county or the State. My bet is done!

      2. There are mug shots of Greene without the widows peak and yes, it is with his long hair.
        There are news clips with Sgt Kreese describing a suspect as wearing a rust colored sport coat. There is a mug shot of CB wearing a sport coat, too bad the film Is not In color.
        Lt. Dykstra feels TL is a major player and involved.

        So many avenues to go down.

        1. Mug shots with no widow’s peak shown at all and his long hair parted just like the OCCK sketches? Let’s see them. Provide some links.

          1. Eddie Munster could never do it but maybe Greene did. Broke out of jail and used 20 tubes of hair gel.

  11. Can someone confirm if (everybody hates Raymond) Anger’s son Todd is a Novi police officer?

    1. I can’t be sure but there is a Todd Raymond Anger, licensed builder in Beverly Hills.

      1. According to Spokeo, Ray Anger was married to Laurie Ann (No maiden name listed- also not mentioned in his obit). Associated with Amy Anger, Todd Anger and Grant Anger.

        1. Thank you Judi . I think if Jim Coxsucker isn’t too drunk when I talk to him , I will ask him about Ray. And ask him why his name doesn’t show up in any of the OCCK stuff , like the canvassing and all that.

  12. I’m super suspicious of Todd Matthew’s. He looks like Anger and you can’t find a bio on the guy.

    1. I can’t post pictures but if you Google Todd Matthews and Tent Girl ( case in TN that he was in on), there are plenty of pictures. He’s way younger than Anger

      1. I think it’s his son , & there is a Novi cop the right age. Does anyone know Ray Angers wife’s maiden name?

  13. I ll ask Jim Cox ,when I call him on Wed. See if he wants to have a front porch chat.

  14. I will gladly pay $20,000 in Ben Franklin’s to the person who provides Cathy with a copy of the CD’s / DVD’s & transcript of HAYSTACK’S polygraph with DUNCAN in Georgia.

    So if there is an insider in the MSP that can get the goods or if Gary Gray, Steve Duncan or a Good Samaritan who can access the DVD’s and bypass the FOIA, you will receive $20,000 in Ben Franklin’s.

    Whoever provides the CD’s / DVD’s & transcript to Cathy, please understand you & I have a GENTLEMAN’S AGREEMENT and YOU WILL GET PAID!!!

    I pray that someone on the inside has a conscience & will provide Cathy with Haystack’s Polygraph CD’s / DVD’s.

    1. Right on my man! If you can’t get in thru the front door ,have someone hand it out the back. If people in an official position won’t play by the rules why should anybody else. We need to get to clerks ,secretaries anybody who does all the menial work inside.Then pay them for there service.

  15. I just read through all these documents again, as it had been awhile. This document is so damning as it is, it is absolutely disgusting and reprehensible that Michigan did not follow up with these results. I wonder who Duncan’s supervisor was that also was a part of the polygraph exam. Even if the DVDs didn’t vaporize, I would think these documents alone would be more than enough to get a competent police force to take action. They obviously just don’t want to and apparently won’t. I so wish there was a governing body that the public could take things like this to that could make sure justice is done. I’m so furious.

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