Biden signs bipartisan cold case law establishing federal right to request review for victims’ families | Fox News

The Homicide Victims’ Families Rights Act establishes a federal right for cold case victims’ families to request reviews of evidence and updates on case files.
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Not sure how this legislation would work in the OCCK case, but the reasons behind this law certainly resonate.

5 thoughts on “Biden signs bipartisan cold case law establishing federal right to request review for victims’ families | Fox News”

  1. This quote is in the article:

    “However, he said he’s hoping for at least one “tweak” he would like to see.
    As it stands, the cold case under review must have previously been under federal jurisdiction.”

    I know the FBI was involved in the OCCK case but would it qualify as being ‘under federal jurisdiction’?

  2. I will almost bet that Biden or anyone else from his federal staff has no idea how f’cked up is the OCCK case. There is nothing else like it in the entire world of crime history with cover ups galore, missing evidence, sketch done by possibly the killer of the first victim left at a murder/suicide scene that went missing in storage with no explanation, hairs found decades later with connections but with no explanation and complete vacuum in the investigation, a very telling polygraph conducted with possibly revealing the murder involvement and with a known suspect goes completely missing and unknown for years except for a FOIA release with a few sentences left behind which has it’s own obscure history. Cops with egos larger than their heads with narrow blinders on! I would go on but already way beyond anyone’s comprehension. Let’s hope something comes out of this but it’s not just opening up a can of worms but could be a whole mountain of worms!

    1. It’s as bad as it gets, Inquisitor. And every agency who has touched this case is playing dirty. Who do I request a review from? The Detroit office of the FBI–who helped squelch evidence provided by witness Doug Wilson in the spring of 1977? The feds who some have speculated were using Chris Busch as a confidential informant in the N. Fox Island/interstate investigation of pedophelia and child porn? The Detroit FBI office who recently suggested I contact the Oakland County cesspool office, where former Oakland County assistant prosecutor, SA Sean Callaghan who has made trouble in this case since SA John Oulette retired, holds court? THAT federal agency? The FBI office that, despite the fact they have worked on the OCCK case since at least March 1977 and still have their fingers in it when they want to, always defer to the MSP and the OCS in this case when I ask any questions and who won’t investigate public corruption in this case unless I hand them a prima facie case on a silver platter? The same agency that plays total games with every single FOIA request ever filed? This agency is going to administer it’s obligations under the new law, develop procedures to promote compliance, collect cold case murder data, train employees and officers regarding the law’s requirements and submit an annual report to the Judiciary Committee about actions taken and results achieved? HAHAHAHAHA.

  3. I wonder…if you contacted Rep. McCaul and Rep. Swalwell, you being the spokesperson for a notorious crime that, thanks to several recent documentaries and books on the case, has horrified millions across this nation and the world, perhaps you might be given a public hearing, or at least a private audience with someone outside the purview that could and would put pressure on these many agencies that have stymied your efforts time and time again. It seems to me, that your family and the other OCCK families represent the very reason this bill has been written. Maybe such pressure would result in MSP and Oakland Co turning over some of the evidence to a private lab such as Parabon since FBI labs are not sophisticated enough to conduct their own testing–at least that is my understanding of where the DNA testing stands. Of course, I realize that I’m probably simplifying things too much and being far too optimistic and naive. I know there are very few stones that you haven’t turned over or, at the very least, attempted to turn over. Just trying to help.

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