Brighton priest admits sexual misconduct, requests to be laicized

Brighton priest Shaun Lowery admitted to sexual misconduct during a church investigation and is now requesting removal from the priesthood.
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5 Comments on “Brighton priest admits sexual misconduct, requests to be laicized”

  1. G-Man says:

    I wonder if requesting removal from the priesthood is part of the playbook for when you get caught.

    Here’s another one caught in Michigan recently. Not a priest, but a sports long time referee, and GM retiree.

    • cathybroad says:

      This is pretty amazing: “We want to assure any person willing to come forward to provide information will be treated with dignity and respect,” police said in the release. “This investigation will be thorough and objective in our pursuit of justice.”

      As for old “Dewey,” yet another example of one of these pedophile freaks hunting out in open society who is still victimizing at age 70. Another example of why judges who fall for the white old guy’s attorney’s argument that he should receive a short sentence “given his age” should be recalled or voted out. After decades of offending and god knows how many victims, they finally get caught after they are taking social security and then get a short prison sentence due to “age.” This guy is no better than an Arch Sloan or a Ted Lamborgine. If convicted, he should receive the harshest of punishments.

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