6 thoughts on “MSP reopens two cold cases from 1975 and 1973”

  1. The Woods case gave MSP Niles a taste of how satisfying it is to solve a cold case, as well as of how much citizens can contribute to the process. This is good news and I wish them great success. I hope other MSP posts take note.

    1. I do agree with your comments. Especially for other MSP posts to take note.

      I also seem to recall Niles MSP solving other cold cases. I found one we discussed in the past. See the link below. I’m sure there are others as well.

      Unfortunately the cynic in me also thinks that MSP may be keeping certain cold case programs too busy with other cases to tackle the biggest case in Michigan history. Of course it could be a jurisdiction issue as well.


    1. So “funny,” Inquisitor. I seriously contemplated typing out Michigan State Police before I hit “send.” They can no longer stay in the 20th century and now they can no longer wall off and forget the OCCK case, rewarding not only the killers, but the complicit enablers and sex offenders who got to fly under the radar and live double lives for all these decades.

  2. Has anybody ever done an in-depth interview with recently retired Undersheriff Mike McCabe? I see in his bio he first joined the department in 1977 and became Undersheriff in 2003 until 2021. I’m sure he would have some fascinating insights into the whole investigation. Consider Oakland County has had only 2 sheriffs since 1972 being McNichols and the current one. I don’t think I have ever seen McCabe’s take on these events with his history.

    1. Keith, no in-depth interview with any of these law enforcement types, no matter the era. I don’t know that anyone really tried, but the old guard cops are certainly good at deflecting any discussion of the OCCK case. I have an opinion about this man, but having never met him in person, for now I will keep it to myself. Here’s all you need to know about Mike McCabe and Mike Bouchard. Earlier this year when I filed a FOIA request for their files in the OCCK case on line, I received an immediate–like I am talking 15 minutes, max–response saying they had NO records in this case and to “try” the Michigan State Police. I have read multiple records containing McCabe’s name in this case and know for a fact he met with my dad. Apparently they want me to believe that they keep no records whatsoever of their involvement with this case or that they immediately send their records on to the MSP, keeping no copies for their own files.

      Furthermore, I know for a fact that former OCP Jessica Cooper sent the files from her office over to Bouchard’s office, via a male deputy prosecutor, for “safekeeping” so they would allegedly not be subject to FOIA requests made to her office. This, after litigating this shit against my dad all the way up to the Michigan Supreme Court. There they sat until current OCP Karen McDonald had to send someone over to retrieve the files so they could respond to my own FOIA request. This is unethical conduct, at a minimum, by the OCP and the OCS, which Ms. McDonald had no interest in addressing, and I believe the attorney is still employed there.

      Finally, McCabe, Bouchard, and Don Studt (B’ham PD) were all young law enforcement agents in 1977 and remained in Oakland County. Bouchard claimed on camera (Children of the Snow) to have been profoundly moved by these cases, as I’m sure the other two were as well. But their actions in the decades that followed indicate allegiance to L. Brooks Patterson and his bag man, Richard Thompson, not representing the dead kids who no longer had a voice. So if Mike McCabe has any fascinating insights about this or any other case in his long tenure, I doubt very much he would share them honestly for people like you and me.

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