Your friendly 55-year-old neighbor in Farmington Hills

Steven Price of Farmington Hills, Oakland County, faces 200 years for child porn. A tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provided to the Michigan State Police lead to the arrest. .

While I am glad to read that the Michigan State Police has a task force devoted to internet crimes against children, this man has to be the tip of the iceberg. As a reader pointed out, where is the sting?? Compare the Genessee County Sheriff’s Office–

If this blog has conveyed anything, it is that Oakland County, Michigan was a hotbed of pedophelia and child porn at the time of the OCCK crimes. I seriously doubt that over the decades, with the explosion of internet crimes against children, that there is any less of it in Oakland County as of today. In Oakland County a lot of these men have the patina of “model citizen”–they certainly are not outwardly a Greg Greene, making it harder for residents there to understand or accept the underbelly there.

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  1. 55? Farmington Hills?
    Wonder if he attended Our Lady of Sorrows?
    Gary Berthiaume back in Michigan with charges again after 43 years?
    When Gary Kedzierski, a victim of Gary Berthiaume, went on to be involved in child pornography……

      1. I attended Bishop Foley High School in Madison Heights when Robert Haener was principal there. This was in 1967 and their were allegations about him then of a sexual scandal involving the boys who attended this school. Think about the fact that he was not dismissed until the 1990’s…. that’s over 20 years that this pig was allowed to have access to children!

        1. Appalling and horrific. The Keepers is 2017 documentary on Netflix and is a very intense look at how the Catholic church played this game for decades (probably in some form forever). The Catholic church in the United States should be forced to liquidate all of its assets and pay huge settlements to the many, many victims of priest sexual abuse. No statute of limitations, no nondisclosure agreements. If you are a Catholic and are putting money in the basket every week, part of that money already goes toward legal fees and settlements incurred because of these monsters. Catholics apparently believe in a merciful God, but not merciful priests who showed no mercy to young victims and were shielded from any consequences.

  2. “These are offenders that use their ability to live as I said among society.” Nothing has changed there. This could have been written in 1976/77. It could be the creepy neighbor next door, it could be a firefighter. It could be your father.

  3. Hi Cathy,

    My name is Ashley and I have spent the last few months reviewing the OCCK case. I have lived in the Metro Detroit area my whole life and am very familiar with the areas in which the abductions occurred, as well as where the bodies were found. I went to Berkley High School and spent lot’s time at Hartfield’s Bowling Alley and the 7/11 across the street. This case has always been on my mind. I have always been interested in crime and mystery, since I was young. I wanted to be a lawyer and a detective when I grew up, but life’s path had different plans, haha. Though, I am quite content with how things have turned out this far 🙂 But the love of solving the mystery or learning more about why these things happen, has never left me. I never thought outside of being a police detective, I’d never have the real opportunity to solve crimes, especially ones that are close to home. Then the internet grew and so did the opportunities. I have taken a very special interest in this case, as I am sure many others have, so I don’t want to be a pest in any way and I understand not having the desire to provide strangers with private information, but I tried to get more information from your father’s blog, but it has been taken down. I cannot find the FOIA documents anywhere online and there is some information that would be very helpful to review. I have some very strong suspicions and I am hoping having the ability to view more information may help me reach a conclusion, whether it be right or wrong. This is just so disturbing on levels I didn’t could even be reached! I didn’t want to visit the police stations asking for information, unless I need to, but I know how they get when they think you’re trying to step on their toes! I do have a couple of friends in the local police department and I will request their help, if I feel like they will be able to help in any way. I just wanted to reach out to see if you had any interest in communicating with me or if you could tell me if there is a way for me to obtain the FOIA documents that were finally provided to you and your family. Also, I am so very sorry for the loss of your father. I am so sad that Barry wasn’t able to see this through. This should have never happened to your family. The answer has been there the whole time and everyone knows it. None of you deserved this. I wish you the best and hope someone comes to a resolution very soon. Thank you for your time.

    1. Hi Ashley, the FOIA documents are all on my blog. I began posting them online during the initial COVID lockdown, so that was maybe March, April 2020. I posted them as they were received, beginning with the MSP documents and then the documents provided to the media by Jessica Cooper (who then had to hand them over to my dad).

      In January 2020 I learned that an assistant prosecuting attorney working for Jessica Cooper physically removed OCCK files from that office and took them to the office of Sheriff Michael Bouchard sometime around 2012. I filed a FOIA request with Karen McDonald’s office for the OCCK files. It took them a while to get them back from Bouchard’s office. It took forever, but I finally started getting these documents in batches and posting them around February 2022. They are not worth shit and clearly documents were destroyed. The sheriff’s office responded to my FOIA request of the same date stating they had no documents in the OCCK case. Unbelievable.

      During COVID, when people had time on their hands, I had many offers of help and we began the process of compiling a searchable document repository. Both Marney Keenan and I submitted thousands of pages to be scanned for a searchable database. There was a lot of heavy lifting involved and as volunteers’ lives got busy and intense again, the project fell by the wayside.

      So, I’m afraid you have to comb my blog for the relevant posts during the time periods listed above. These are my documents and not Marney’s. If you have not read her book, it contains a lot of information and documents.

      My dad’s blog disappeared at some point around the time he died. I am not sure when and I am not sure why. He was being assisted by his old law firm in that endeavor. When I asked the estate attorney why the blog was no longer online, she told me she would have the office manager call me. The office manager never responded; the estate attorney was not the most responsive attorney and I gave up and was happy to be done with them. It is a real shame because he had some valuable information and insights on there. I don’t know if during my dad’s illness the domain name expired or if the law firm was happy to see it go because they do work for Oakland County. The fact that the estate attorney and the office manager both completely blew me off makes me feel like it was the latter.

      Feel free to email me at, an encrypted email. If you have a name you want to run by me, feel free. There are many things I don’t post online and I do not have any interactions with law enforcement. They don’t listen to me any more than they do the readers of this blog. If the person is still alive, that changes the calculus.

      It is pretty tedious to go through the FOIA documents on my blog, but right now, that’s as good as it gets. I have a pretty good memory for the names and places contained therein if you want to try me. Keep in mind that the FOIA documents are only a reflection of what the agency sent and the response is only as good/ethical/complete as the responding agency.

      1. I also posted the FOIA documents I received from the Birmingham PD regarding the homicide of John McKinney, beginning in mid to late-
        September 2022.

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