Is this how you uphold your PD’s mission statement, Det/Sgt Bill Wright?

“To serve our community and consistently earn the public’s trust by providing highly professional public safety services in an ethical and fiscally responsible manner, while preserving and respecting the rights of all individuals.”–Mission Statement of the Umatilla, Oregon Police Department.

“All individuals” includes 13-year-old girls, Det. Wright.’t+take+sexual+assault+seriously,+so+child’s+mom+Googled+the+FBI_3_9_2023&utm_term=Active subscriber

Looks like it’s going to take damages in a federal civil rights trial to reinforce the message. There is nothing worse then knowing no one will protect you, including, and maybe especially, the cops.

5 thoughts on “Is this how you uphold your PD’s mission statement, Det/Sgt Bill Wright?”

    1. Untouchable monster. Hell would be too good for him. The blood money he left his nieces and nephews should have been donated immediately to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

      As for the police? Still pulling the same shit 60 years later and revictimizing survivors of rape and sexual assault.

      1. You know I’ve hated Sheldon for 59 years now. What last the summer lasted my life time. I noticed a lot of post about the Audacity of the Michigan police. Not one of you can if understand being a 5 year old and been subject to those people, only to report them and the punishment a child suffered crying and screaming what happen to him. And every one call you a liar. Then he with a wooden paddle a few different times.
        Why didn’t you tell some one? CAUSE AFTER AWHILE YOU WANT TO JUST DIE! So excuse us for speaking up. We be good boys Mister

  1. Yes, this is absolutely infuriating. Sadly, it highlights again the important work you are doing Cathy!

  2. Det. Wright is just as big of a POS as the perp, Lyon. Ignoring pleas for help from a child that’s been assaulted and pretending like you’re doing your sworn duty as a LE officer, and then, lying about it, should be grounds for termination. Had Wright done the bare minimum at the beginning…well…you know. This type of arrogance, disregard, and revictiminzing of victims is disturbing to say the least. Will million dollar lawsuits make these lame, inept detectives/officers stop ignoring pleas for help and do their jobs the right way? Is that wishful thinking? Or will it continue on the “Wright” way?

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