“It’s all just veneer to mask what [is] a very dangerous organization.”

Please, please watch Scouts Honor, The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America now on Netflix. There is so much to say, but you need to see/hear it yourself.


The Boy Scout Perversion Files:


In late January 1977 Christopher Busch, an admitted prolific pedophile, was interviewed after his arrest in Alma, Michigan and again at the Flint Police Department. He told police and then Oakland County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Richard Thompson and one of the OCP investigators that he victimized boys while participating as a “big brother” at the Big Brother Organization in southeast Michigan. No one investigated his claims. L. Brooks Patterson, Richard Thompson and police betrayed these boys. They swept it under the rug. They should carry the same shame that Boy Scouts of America carries.

Not only were the OCCK crimes never solved, sex crimes against children, including child pornography, in and around Oakland County were swept under the rug for decades, lest some connection to or reminder of these unsolved child murders surface. When you hear a politician in that area say “it’s all about the kids,” ask them just how the fuck that works?

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